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Article: How To Style Blazers For Men? - 9 Blazer Outfit Ideas

How To Wear Blazers For Men?

How To Style Blazers For Men? - 9 Blazer Outfit Ideas

Blazers are popular for being both stylish and practical. Such a stunning combination of comfort and charm is hard to find. We are bringing a detailed version of choices on how to style a blazer for men on both formal as well as casual occasions.

10 Stylish Ways To Wear Blazers 

From color combinations to coordinating the attire with accessories, every little aspect can make you look radiant and classy. Whether you are trying on a blazer jeans outfit or leaning towards more of a formal look, here are the best 10 blazer outfits for men.

1. Blazer With Shirt

Blazer With Shirt

If you are more of a button-down type of man enhancing your office vibe, then this option is for you. Do not think twice as of what to wear with a blazer & shirt, grab on a tie that goes well with a neutral-colored shirt. Then match the attire with dark-colored pants. You can also flaunt a collared shirt by pulling the collar out the lapels of the blazer.

2. Stylish Linen Blazer

Stylish linen blazers

With linen blazers you can maintain your smart casual look even in summer. Go with neutrals or pastels as a summer color clothes choice for the linen blazer and complete the look with a crew neck t-shirt. Sneakers would look great with the overall attire. Breathable material and light in weight, they are a perfect example of how to style a blazer.

3. Casual Blazer With Jeans

Casual Blazer With Jeans

Who said that blazers are only suitable for boardroom meetings? Create your own style by pairing a casual cotton blazer with your favorite type of jeans. A blazer with grey jeans outfit makes men look very attractive which gives off that easy vibe everyone adores. You can go with both polo t-shirts or crew neck shirts to complete the attire.

Whether you prefer ripped jeans for the concert or go with skin-tight ones for a party, a blazer will look homey with them. Giving the wearer an appealing look, blazer jeans outfits look amazing at casual gatherings. You can go with both suit jackets or sports jackets as a choice of outerwear along with casual blazers.

4. Blazer With Chinos

Blazer With Chinos

Comfortable and classy, Chinos are a very popular choice of pants to be worn with blazers. Highlighting the charming nerdy vibe, they are considered to be a perfect t-shirt and blazer combination. Carry this outfit and make the best of the day at work and then chill out with friends. Your blazer with chinos would suit both scenarios just like bread & butter.

5. Blazers With V-neck T-Shirt or Polo T-Shirt

Blazer With Polo T-Shirt

A v-neck t-shirt or polo t-shirt is a fantastic option for t-shirt and blazer combination. Giving you a way out of the stereotype, V-neck or polo t-shirts bring out the fine lines of blazers. They accentuate the body structure of the wearer giving them a rugged handsome touch.

6. Wear Unstructured Blazers

Unstructured Blazers For Men

Let your comfort and flexibility define your style this season. Instead of going with the norm, you can opt for unstructured blazers. They usually come without shoulder pads and are light in weight. Unstructured blazers are a great option for both casual and semi-casual events where you can carry the attire throughout the day.

7. Blazer With Cargo Pants

If you are wondering how to wear a black blazer then we have the perfect option for you. Dress in an unstructured long black jacket and pair it up with cargo pants. Add on a scarf for the winters and you are ready for the day. This outfit will give your look a cool but classy touch, making you stand out in the crowd.

8. Printed and Checked Blazers

Printed and Checked Blazers

Get ready to party in style by adding a Printed & Checked Blazer to your wardrobe collection. You can go with colorful florals as prints or simplify the look with boxed checks. Both the patterns would give you a celebratory touch, bringing out your fun side. As for how to style a printed blazer? Just go with dress pants and shirt with a tie to complete the look.

9. Wool Blazer With Scarf

Men’s wool blazer is the mostly suitable in cool areas or for winter season. Moreover, black, grey, dark shades or brown, are the best and trendy colors in wool jackets.  Styling in a wool blazer and twining it up with a scarf will keep you warm. Plus you would look dashing and smart for any occasion be it formal or casual. 

Above are the perfect options for men to choose onwhat to wear with a blazer on different occasions. So, make heads turn with your stylish persona by adding a variety of blazers to the mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of blazers?

There are many kinds of blazers to go with for different events. You can try on the Cotton & Linen Blazers for casual and semi-casual occasions. Choose linen or wool blazer for formal events whereas printed blazer or blazer with chinos for casual events.  

What shoes go with a blazer and jeans?

Among the many varieties of footwear, Blazers can be matched with several of them. Whether you are going with sneakers, loafers, or oxford Shoes, you would be able to pull up the attire to its fullest. But for a blazer jeans outfit, Sneakers are the most perfect choice. They accentuate the casual touch, making the wearer look cooler.

Is it OK to wear a blazer casually?

Absolutely! Blazers are not necessarily designed to be worn only on formal occasions. By styling up with different kinds of shirts and pants, one can easily pull with the casual vibes. Cotton and printed blazers are the most suitable options for this.

Can I wear sneakers with a blazer?

Sneakers are considered to be the go-to footwear choice for a casual t-shirt and blazer combination. By toning down the color in neutrals or highlighting the dark tones, you can complete the look in many styles. Just make sure to avoid choosing sneakers for a formal occasion.

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