Navy Luxurious Linen Pant T1704-28, T1704-30, T1704-32, T1704-34, T1704-36, T1704-38, T1704-40, T1704-42, T1704-44Navy Luxurious Linen Pant T1704-28, T1704-30, T1704-32, T1704-34, T1704-36, T1704-38, T1704-40, T1704-42, T1704-44
Limited StockOn sale
Available Sizes: 40 Sizes: 40
Pale Taupe Luxurious Linen PantPale Taupe Luxurious Linen Pant
Limited StockOn sale
Available Sizes: 32,34 Sizes: 32,34
T1222-28, T1222-30, T1222-32, T1222-34, T1222-36, T1222-38, T1222-40, T1222-42, T1222-44Ziggurat Light Blue Luxurious Linen Pant T1222-40, T1222-28, T1222-32, T1222-34, T1222-36, T1222-42, T1222-30, T1222-38, T1222-44
Limited StockOn sale
Available Sizes: 28,32 Sizes: 28,32
Dust Storm luxurious Linen PantDust Storm luxurious Linen Pant
Limited StockOn sale
Available Sizes: 32 Sizes: 32
Cream Luxurious Linen PantCream Luxurious Linen Pant
Limited StockOn sale
Available Sizes: 32 Sizes: 32

With linen pants for men, shatter the myth of associating trousers with formal occasions only. Men's casual linen pants and men's formal linen pants are here to discredit the standardization of trousers as formal wear alone. This attire is adequately flexible to be worn to an executive gathering, beachside party, club party, or even a companion's place. Duck that denim and allow Linen Pants for men to make you the head-turner.


The French Crown collection has an edge above others because we don't have just pure linen pants for men but also men's cotton linen pants in the men's linen blend pants style like the Grey Linen-Cotton Blend Formal Pant.

  • Glamorous designer linen trousers in casual and formal styles that can transform you into a trendsetter
  • Our linen is not just line but a premium, luxurious fabric that's the French Crown pride
  • Available even in 44 sizes, to make you take pride in who you are
  • Latest color, patterns and styles that are at par with global fashion trends
  • Doorstep delivery, Easy Exchange Policy


Under the same roof we serve you both men's formal linen pants as well as men's casual linen pants. 


Men's formal linen pants like Navy Luxurious Linen Pant and Crocodile Linen Havana Performance Linen Pant look great as corporate wear. Pair them up with Formal Shirts for men, the exclusive necktie collection by French Crown, a suitable belt from our various styles and of course the formal shoes, and see yourself transform into an extraordinarily charming personality in the blink of an eye. But if you team these up with printed French Crown Blazers, it adds that extra zing to your attire for men and makes you instantly party-ready.


Men's casual linen pants like the Hunter Green Windowpane Luxurious Linen Pants will transform you into a dapper trendsetter instantly when paired with a buttoned-down shirt and loafers. And then there are many more in the collection to look apart from the crowd! For an added fashion quotient you must try the French Crown Blazers.


The French Crown Linen Pants for Men come in 10 colors and their related shades and a blend of colors to form various extraordinary patterns. The plain/solid linen pants form great corporate wear; the checks/plaids also look great as casual wear. And our textured range has exclusive styles like Half White and Half Black Premium Linen Sports Pant which form unique party wear. 


How to Style Linen Pants For Men?

Linen pants can be styled with T-shirts as well as dress shirts. Men's casual linen pants look great with T-shirts and accessories with sandals/sneakers. On the other hand, men's linen dress pants find formal dress shirts or casual dress shirts as an ideal partner. These look best when styled with formal dress shoes. 

Are Linen Pants Formal or Casual Wear?

As described above, Linen pants can pass off as both, depending on the upper and shoes you team them up with. Add a blazer, and these can even look great at parties as semi-formal wear.

How to Maintain Linen Fabric Pants?

When in doubt, always know that any kind of Linen wear can be machine washed on the sensitive or short cycle with a cold water rinse. You will broaden the existence of the texture in the event that you hand-wash your linen pants for men in cold water. Use only soft cleansers.

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