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Article: How To Choose A Blazer That Never Let You Go Out of Trend

How To Choose A Blazer That Never Let You Go Out of Trend

How To Choose A Blazer That Never Let You Go Out of Trend

What does the fashionable man wear when he needs to establish a style, but doesn't have any desire to wear a suit? The customary decision is a blazer which is additionally called an odd coat since it doesn't have the need for coordinating with pants. Men's Blazers are amazingly adaptable closet things. It is a useful choice to fill the gap between a tailor-made matching suit and easygoing clothing. Assuming you don't currently possess one, then you're restricting your closet choices and style. 

How to choose a blazer - is a cakewalk if you know the right steps, but choosing the perfect blazer can be tricky if you miss out on certain details. So how should one walk about this task? 

7 Tips to Choose The Perfect Blazer For Men

If you are one of those who are stuck at the query 'How to select your first blazer?' or How to choose a blazer for men? Then, this is your expert guide on how to choose a blazer. We at French Crown are here to help you in choosing the perfect blazer of your dreams! 

1. Select As Per the Occasion

Blazers For Ocassion

Casual blazers are different from formal or party wear ones. First, select the occasion and then pick a blazer. So how to choose a blazer as per the occasion. Let us explain this using simple live examples. For instance, Grey with blue striped blazer is ideal for slipping into business meets and then slipping out into a casual meet. Just change the clothes to jeans, and you are good to go! On the other hand, fancy orange hexagon print blazer are ideal only for parties. The same applies to the cross breasted bandhgala/mandarin blazers collection, which can be either worn by the groom or his accomplices.

2. Concentrate on the Fit

Blazer Size And Fitting

No matter what the quality of the fabric is or how great the color is, unless a blazer fits you perfectly, it will only dampen your style. So, while choosing the perfect blazer, you need to be ultra-cautious about how it fits you. How should a blazer fit a man or how to choose blazer size? It is quite simple.

Before buying a blazer online, always check out the size chart laid on the site and take body measurements like your sleeves, shoulders, waist etc. as per the charts. And once your blazer is in your hands, try it out well, and exchange if it doesn't meet your comfort zone. 

3. Choose an Ideal Fabric

Fabric of blazer

An ideal fabric is one that meets your needs of the day or event. For instance, flannel/wool or wool blend will suit winters, and linen blazers or cotton blazers will suit summers. Or for that matter, a shimmery rayon will suit a wedding party or any such celebratory event. So be careful of the setting or the weather around, when you tread these steps of how to choose a blazer for men.

4. Focus on Elegant Colors

Different Blazer Colors

Blazer's world is beyond the usual black, navy, grey and greens! So pick elegant colors, as per the occasion, or mood or setting of the day. For instance, a textured designer blazer will suit a casual mood as well as formal. Similarly, a green linen blazer will suit the daytime as well as nighttime and enhance your looks for any occasion, even if it's impromptu.

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5. Styling of Buttons

Blazer Button Styles

One of the principal things that individuals will see on your blazer is its buttons. There is an assortment of buttons you can browse contingent upon which ones reflect your character qualities and eccentricities the most. Notwithstanding, most present-day blazers accompany non-exclusive metal buttons.

You can generally get the buttons changed according to however you would prefer. Simply purchase and keep a couple of sets of buttons helpful and transform them according to the event, the season, or according to your mood. For instance, if you pick a double-breasted blazer, then you can always keep two sets of buttons in contrast handy for a slightly different look for different parties. 

6. Types of Blazers

Types of Blazers

If we talk about the French Crown, we offer you more than just single-breasted or double-breasted blazers. We also have a wide range of designer blazers. 

So what are these?

  • A single-breasted blazer has just a single column of buttons with a narrow overlap of fabric.
  • The double-breasted blazer needs two rows of buttons to fasten it, plus has a substantial amount of fabric overlap.
  • Cross buttoned bandhgala/mandarin blazers have a narrow neckline meaning bandhgala in Hindi. And the buttons are lined across the torso with a medium overlap of the fabric for an elegant style, usually for wedding celebrations in ethnic Asian wear. 

7. Style Your Closet Around Your Blazer

Different Blazer Outfits

Blazers are best worn with jeans in a differentiating shade and texture that is unique also. Still you can always experiment with blazers. If you have a casual blazer to be worn, you can pair it up with jeans, shorts and even lounge pants to some extent. But with formal blazers, you should prefer to wear formal pants. For party wear, go for contrasting colors on the lowers. And accessories them with proper shoes and belts. A little mix-and-match will add dollops of attitude to your entire attire. 

Choosing the perfect blazer or how to choose a blazer for men, is no rocket science if you follow the above basic tips on how to choose a blazer. Always remember the foremost rule: Go for quality rather than quantity. So even if you are concerned about how to select your first blazer, the above tips will make you look handsome, effortlessly modern and always sophisticated!

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