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Article: Black Blazer Combination For Men - 10 Ways To Wear It

Black Blazer Combinations For Men

Black Blazer Combination For Men - 10 Ways To Wear It

An in vogue black blazer for combination men is a fundamental outfit as it tends to get you that perfect look anytime and every time. It is an exquisite, ever-enduring and adaptable choice which can support any clothing by making it look stylish. 

A black blazer for men will never run out of fashion whether you try it out as the simple black blazer matching pants or the stylish black blazer combination for wedding or for that matter the classic deal, our very own black blazer combination with jeans. 

10 Best Black Blazer Combinations For Men

Notwithstanding, you must unquestionably need to know how to wear the black blazer in an ideal manner. So here are list of black blazer combination outfits that will make you look extraordinary at any given point of time. 

1. Black Blazer with Black Jeans

Black Blazer with black jeans

A black blazer combination with jeans would look ideal only with a gray, white or totally black shirt only. And this is a very ultra semi-casual look. The black blazer matching pants/jeans can be worn without a tie to work, or as an outfit for first date night and even goes great as a black blazer combination for wedding, if black is the theme for any function. 

2. Match Your Black Blazer With Blue Jeans

Black Double-Breasted Blazer With Blue Jeans

 This black blazer combination with jeans demands a plain solid shirt in a light color if you wish to wear it to work on a weekend. But a T-shirt or a gray color can fit as a casual. Go for semi-formal shoes or casuals like loafers, but keep them in sober tones, as per the occasion/day's event. 

3. Black Blazer with White T- Shirt

Black blazer with white tshirt

An undisputedly the best combination when it comes to the black blazer combination with white t-shirt. But remember to wear a dark shade of jeans with it, like deep green, navy blue, classic blue or black. 

4. Black Blazer and Chinos Combinations

Black blazer with chinos

This combination looks great as a black blazer shirt combination, where you can wear a lightly printed or plain shirt. Go for boots, sneakers or derby shoes, and thus ensure well-fitted pants and dress shirt combination. A brown, black or blue belt will enhance your looks. In winters you can wear a round neck or V-neck sweater inside. 

5. Wear Blue Shirt With Black Blazer 

Black Blazer With Blue Shirt

Among the black blazer shirt combination, this one is a timeless entity. And all shades of blue look great! The only thing you need to take care of is that if the blazer is solid black, then the shirt can be in stripes or patterns and vice versa. But keep the trousers in solid black, navy blue or charcoal gray. Steam it up with semi-formal or formal shoes.

6. Match Beige Trousers With Black Blazer

Trousers add a class to the black blazer at any formal event. So, when you talk of black blazer combination for wedding, then this one is a good choice for a cocktail or pre-wedding events, depending on the theme of the evening/day. Can wear a plain solid shirt, of a color that enhances your persona plus go ahead with formal shoes like oxfords and brogues.

7. Lounge Pants is a Best Option With Black Blazer

We would suggest that this look should be kept only for winters perhaps and just to hang out with your close friends. Since this is a purely fashion statement among close friends, you can try any color of lounge pants with a black blazer that suits your style and persona.

8. Black Blazer With Printed Shirt

For men who love to experiment with their looks and are bold-go-getter kind, they can surely experiment with florals, prints, patterns and more in men's shirts and T-shirts. But remember to keep it either the black blazer matching pant or with one of the colors of the printed shirt. 

9. Black Blazer With Striped T-Shirt

Black Blazer with Striped T-Shirt

In this black blazer combination, ensure that the blazer is plain and not patterned. And pick a T-shirt that has round neck and vertical stripes if you have an average height or horizontal stripes if you are tall enough - the style of stripes acts in balancing the height related looks. Try this black blazer combination with jeans. It is a casual look, so avoid wearing it to work. 

10. Double-Breasted Black Blazer With White Trousers

This style of black blazer matching pants, in the opposite direction is a very formal wear. So can be worn at a black tie event like black double breasted blazer combination for wedding with a white shirt and black formal shoes with appropriate stylish accessories, to grace the overall attire. Or you can also wear a charcoal black shirt and go for any kind of semi-formal or formal meeting. Not much color choice in terms of shirts here, but a light pink shirt is also pulled off well by some men. 


In short, as per your persona you can try any black blazer combination with jeans and black blazer shirt combination plus more, - as many you can imagine, provided the mirror gives a nod. Just do small changes in styles of black blazer combination, and you will make heads turn anywhere you go! 


What should I wear with a black blazer to work?

For office wear, you need to look smart yet professional. So the best tip is to avoid a t-shirt and jeans to work with a black blazer, unless a weekend dress code allows so. 

What color shirt should I wear with a black blazer?

It depends on the color of the jeans or trousers to some extent. Like a black trouser/jeans would make a black or white T-shirt or shirt look great with a black blazer. But say bottoms in any other color can be paired with other lighter colors. Look into the mirror and decide what looks the best on you. 

Where to wear a black blazer?

From casual occasion to formal business meetings, black blazer will best fit in all the events. 

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