A man, who wears pink shirts for men, isn't simply stylish, rather he is also secure in his sexuality while being content and confident of himself. A man who prefers to wear what he likes, breaking the stereotypes and obsolete beliefs, is a man of actual power, because he is mentally powerful enough to live life on his own terms!

Wearing pink takes an extra measure of confidence and the will to stick out from the crowd. And there is nothing more appealing than a confident man, isn't there? With the assistance of pink shirts for men, any man can bring out his most powerful and confident self.


We offer you pink shirts in various premium fabrics, shades, color tones, as well as a range of styles even in collars. So, from the regular collar styles to button-down shirts, button-up, cuban style, mandarin collar to kurta style shirts for men and even the pink shirts without a collar, we have it all under one roof. Then there is a light pink color shirt and various shades to the same.

Plus, formal pink dress shirts that go great with suits. And if you are still not convinced then you must check out our cotton, linen and tencel pink shirts collection that comes not just in solid plain, but also in checks, textured ones, printed ones and striped pink shirts as well. All these are available as half sleeved shirts as well as full sleeved pink shirts.


Any man who is confident about himself, can slay any look and event in a pink shirt. But for anyone who needs some assistance with pink shirts for men, we are sharing some basic tips:

● For a casual look, pink casual shirts look great with dark jeans and desert boots or sneakers.

● For a formal look, a slim-fit or a full sleeved pink formal shirt, will look great with dark or solid color trousers, formal shoes and a suitable slim belt, without a fancy buckle.

● For a party or evening date, pink will serve as the splash of colors, so you can wear pink partywear shirts in a textured look or stripes and even in printed types depending on the theme of the party.

● For an elegant appearance you must strike a balance of colors, like a light pink shirt will look great on a dull blue suit or a gray suit as well, and Oxford shoes. Pink also compliments the skin tone, so men with lighter skin tone can go for bolder shades of pink, while the men with alternate skin tones can experiment with lighter ones as well.


Bright shades of pink are the best to be worn in spring and summer. But the muted shaded of the color can be worn throughout the year. As far as timing and events are concerned, you can wear pink in the day with lighter color shades of suits, blazers or trousers in the day, while the night would look better with darker shades of the ensemble you create with a pink shirt.



● We offer you not just pink shirts for men but the whole ensemble that goes with it in terms of trousers, suits, jeans, pants, belts, etc.

● We offer premium fabric crafted in styles and designs that are at par with global trends.

● We respect you as who you are, so sizes available are up to 5XL.

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