"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colors are not. ... All colors arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract" - Yves Klein

Isn't that enough to assert why men must have a couple of blue shirts, in different shades and styles in their closet? And that is why the blue shirt collections from French Crown are here to blow your mind in different fabrics, shades and styles.


Right from Cotton blue shirts for men, to Linen blue shirts along with Tencel blue shirts, we have unlimited options for you, so that if you have the urge to buy different shades of blue, you don't have to stick to just one fabric.


Be is the typical blue shirt like Sky blue textured cotton shirts or the Royal Blue Shirt or the blue check shirts and even dark blue shirts like Peacock Blue Giza Cotton Shirt - you name it and we have all the shades of blue under one roof.


The French Crown is your ultimate designation when it comes to a blue dress shirt because we have plain/solid blue shirts, and we also have the blue check shirts along with striped blue shirts and even printed and textured ones and many more. In short, you will have so many stunning designs here that you won't leave before filling your shopping cart with a couple of blues. If still that leaves some scope to rethink, we have more reasons below as to why we are the best in the industry…

How to Style Blue Shirts?

This is a very common question that comes to mind, when you have a plethora of shades and fabrics in blue to choose from, especially from an online collection like French Crown, which will surprise you with its styles and designs, even in that singular colour! Blue dress shirts always look great with black bottoms, or in the shade of black, whether formal black pants or charcoal black chinos pants.

A grey blazer or a maroon one depending on the shade/print will add more value to the blue shirt. A formal blue shirt can be worn with Oxford Shoes, Boots and even Single Monk Strap Shoes depending on the lowers you choose; while a semi-formal or casual blue shirt can be worn with shorts and loafers too. As Yves Klein says, because blue is the colour of vastness, so it can be styled in as many ways as your imagination!

Why Choose The French Crown To Buy Blue Shirts For Men?

Blue shirts by the French Crown are hand-crafted in premium fabrics. These are a fashion statement, not just in India, but abroad as well, due to their latest and fast upgrading designs and shades. We provide shirts in any size you need - up to 5XL. Our prices are much more pocket friendly than any other premium brand of shirts, plus we have doorstep delivery and an easy exchange policy. The final word--we believe in being a loyal partner in your style statement; so our customer care is always there to satisfy your needs, beyond online shopping.