While white is the color of peace and calm, these days corporate honchos and politicians donning the same has also put the white as also the color of power! Whatever may be the perception, the white shirts for men whether these are white casual shirts for men, or white formal shirts - these are a must-have in every man's closet. Let's showcase you the low-down on how best you can style your white shirt and why you must buy men's shirts from none else but French Crown.

What to Wear With White Shirts for Men?

The best thing about white shirts for men is that these can be styled in as many ways as far as your imagination goes. These look great with light blue jeans; these can rock any kind of jeans. And also make great formal wear with any formal trousers in bold as well as formal shirt colors.

When it comes to shoes, you can wear anything with them depending on the formal or informal wear you attempt - right from formal Oxford Shoes, to dark brown suede Chelsea boots, to Sneakers, men's sandals as well as loafers, bright white shirts are just a fantastic attire to try new looks by just changing your bottoms!


We are your one-stop shop for any kind of white shirt and that too handcrafted with love and in premium fabrics. Because, we launch premium quality white shirt with new designs every week, which has to stand the test of time, for being versatile wear.

1. Cotton White Shirts

There is no parallel to a crisp white cotton shirt, whether you wear it to a formal event or corporate meet, to take your loved one out in jeans for a lovely evening. In fact, a few cotton white shirts are a must in every men’s business wardrobe.

2. Linen White Shirts

Because linen fabric shirts are a must for every man, you must own a combination of cotton and linen like Bright White Linen Cotton Shirt so as to have a different look in the same color.

3.Tencel White Shirts

Our Tencel shirts collection in white shirts is like a painted canvas, typically informal wear in white that you would love to flaunt at parties, beach parties, evenings with family friends and more. 

Why Choose the French Crown to Buy White Shirts for Men?

Because we don't just offer your white shirts, we offer you pure love for white. And also the Bright White Rice Stitching Patterned Indian Kurta Style Super Soft Giza Cotton Shirt just in case you wish to look beyond white shirts for men and experiment with more styles at par with the constantly changing global fashion statement. In short, whether it is a white dress shirt, white formal shirt, white casual shirt for men, white designer shirt or white printed shirt -we are your ultimate destination.

Also, we don't just offer pure whites, because white gives our styling experts and designers to experiment with the way an artist creates a masterpiece on a white canvas. 

We offer sizes up to 5XL so that you can be you and proudly at that! What's more, each shirt is pocket friendly, eco-friendly, delivered at your doorstep plus comes with an easy-exchange policy.

We provide fast shipping of all products in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat,Bangalore, Chennai and in many more Indian cities.