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Available Sizes: 38 ,39 ,40 ,42 ,44 ,46 ,50 Sizes: 38 ,39 ,40 ,42 ,44 ,46 ,50
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What is a Mandarin Collar Shirt & How is it Different From The Regular One?

The mandarin collar dress shirt, also known as the band collar shirts, derives their name from Mandarin bureaucrats of the Qing-era province of China that used these as part of their uniforms.

It is distinguished by a standup collar that's unfolded and without points which is the usual thing in a regular collar. An amalgamation of the Oriental and Western styles, the Mandarin collar dress shirt is one piece that never runs out of fashion. 

The French Crown Mandarin Collar Shirts Collection

Mandarin collar formal shirts, as well as casual ones, come in a plethora of styles, colors and patterns at the French Crown shirts collection . These are premium cotton and linen to keep you stylish yet comfortable through the spring and summer. White Mandarin Collar Shirt is always a rage when you wish to enter a formal or a casual gathering at the last minute invite. Team it up with jeans or chinos or trousers - it will make you shine out on any occasion. 

How To Wear Mandarin Collar Shirts?

Ideal summer wear outfit , band collar shirts at French Crown come in both casual and formal styles. Thus, you can style them up in more ways than you can imagine. The formal ones can be paired up with formal trousers as well as chinos and jeans for a casual look. While the casual ones can be paired up with anything under the Sun, like from a blazer as a second layer to lounge pants (keep the shirt flowy for a beachwear with lounge pants); from shorts to jeans to even a waistcoat for a wedding party.

All you need to know is which prints or styles will gel at which occasions. For instance, avoid checks inside a waistcoat or blazer; avoid plain solids at casual events - go for printed or textured or checked band collar linen shirt and more. All you will need is a little imagination and some confidence to shine out! 

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