Spun Pearl Grey Herringbone Premium Cotton PantSpun Pearl Grey Herringbone Premium Cotton Pant
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Available Sizes: 30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,38 Sizes: 30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,38
T641-28, T641-30, T641-32, T641-34, T641-36, T641-38, T641-40, T641-42, T641-44T641-28, T641-30, T641-32, T641-34, T641-36, T641-38, T641-40, T641-42, T641-44
Available Sizes: 30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,38 Sizes: 30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,38
Fedora Plaid Wool Rich PantFedora Plaid Wool Rich Pant
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Available Sizes: 32 ,34 Sizes: 32 ,34

French Crown Versatile Gray Pants Collection For Men in India

Gray is the easiest color in men's fashion. While it's gaining the respect it deserves, gray pants for men are receiving attention from the fashion industry. Contrary to its stereotype, gray is not sad and can be the go-to color for every occasion.

When styling gray pants for men for formal, evening dinners, or casual outings, complementing colors can range from white to blue, brown to funky orange, pink, and classic black. From the house of the French Crown, you can opt for a variety of gray pants for men, from plaid, striped, plain, wool, and cotton. So, look up your wish list and find your best grays from various varieties. 

Type of Gray Pants Collections For Men

Plaid Gray Pants

The statement plaid gray pants at French Crown offers the perfect formal look you were looking for. These fashionable pants for men will help you stand out no matter where you're going. Our selection is versatile and incredibly comfortable, making it ideal for weekend adventures, romantic evenings, and workdays. When it comes to formal clothing, choose slim and narrow-fit alternatives, or go with our checked joggers for an effortlessly stylish style.

Striped Gray Pants

Striped gray pants give that classic look with a taller frame. Due to the vertical stripes, these stylish and comfortable gray pants not only look dope but also lengthen your frame. You can combine it with a complimentary shirt for a timeless, sophisticated style. The gray pants for men at French Crown are available in varieties that you can style for formal, semi-formal, and casual outings. 

Plain Gray Pants

Basic gray pants can never go wrong for that one-click formal look. Grey hue pants and matching shirts are a relaxed look that works well for professional and casual occasions. You can wear light shirt colors like beige or pristine white with light gray slacks, or you can sport dark shirt colors like maroon and black. 

Wool Gray Pants

With comfort and warmth, gray wool pants also present style. You can go up your fashion game with these classic wool gray pants for men. Pair them with shirts, t-shirts, or blazers to adore the sophisticated look for formal settings and the cool, dope look for casual meetups. 

Cotton Gray Pants

The classic breathable fabric with a sweat-resistant finish, cotton gray formal pants can never go wrong for traditional looks. You can pair your gray pants with black for a dressy yet professional look. The versatility of gray pants allows you to pair them up with several colors, from white, pink, and blue to green, checked, and striped shirts. 

How to Style Gray Pants for Men?

Gray pants are the easiest-to-dress clothing. Depending on the occasion, you can pair them with complimenting shirts or t-shirts to ace the look. You can style the formal gray plaid pants with crisp shirts to match your traditional look. You can style shirts with striped gray or cargo for a cool casual look. You can pair your gray with high necks for semi-formal events to ace the look and game up your fashion statement. 

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