10 Diwali Outfit Ideas For Men To Look Dapper This Season

Diwali, the homecoming celebration of Lord Ram from 14 years of exile. It is the festival of lights, and the best time to flaunt your fashion finery and home decor! When the questions about what to wear on Diwali and the best Diwali outfit ideas jostle in the brain even a month before the actual festivities ring in! So Diwali is not just a festival, but an emotion in India, among Indians living across the globe and thus the queen of all celebrations.

What Colors You Should Wear On Diwali? 

Though most men try to restrict themselves with Golden and Silk Blue, our advice always is to go for that bright color which reflects the grand joy that each one experiences on Diwali. Thus, men's Diwali outfits can be from floral to monotone, can be green, red, blue, golden, burgundy and even white and more, as per what suits your persona in the mirror. Diwali is the time to go BOLD and HANDSOME with outfits for a Diwali party! 

10 Best Diwali Outfits For Men To Look Dashing

So here we are sharing some of Diwali outfit ideas that will make heads turn. 

1. Kurta Pajamas

Kurta Pajamas For Diwali Ocassion

This Kurta pajamas set, coupled with a matching embroidered jacket, is an incredibly fashionable and supremely ethnic attire. This is among those evergreen Diwali outfit ideas that will win you major style marks at the Diwali puja. This Diwali, simply wear it with matching shoes with embroidery, to wow your Mom and beau. 

Pink Cotton Kurta For Men
White Pajama For Men

  2. Jodhpuri Blazers With Pants

Jodhpuri Blazers For Men For Diwali Ocassion

If you want to look cool but fashionable, Jodhpuri pants and a jacket are a terrific choice. To seem cool and current, choose a men's Jodhpuri blazer with designs or patterns and pair it with a casual shirt, complementing plain Jodhpuri pants, and sandals.

Black Jodhpuri Blazer For Men
White Linen Pants

3. Kurta Shirt With Jeans

A printed short or long kurta shirt with jeans is yet again the most evergreen among the outfits for Diwali party, with your core friends. It keeps you trendy, comfy as well as keeps you in tune with the traditional feel.

Kurta Shirt For Diwali
Dark Blue Stretchable Denim Jeans

4. Nehru Jackets

This is the style of the celebs. Either a printed or patterned Nehru Jacket on a matching solid plain set of Kurta pajamas or a bright plain monotone, on a printed Kurta pajamas - this men's Diwali outfit never goes out of fashion. It just keeps improvising itself with mix and match. A contrasting pocket square, pair of Indian Juttis and sleek hair will help you bring the whole look together with elan.

Grey Textured Nehru Jacket

5. Asymmetrical Kurta With Trousers

Asymmetrical Kurta With Trousers For Diwali

From Varun Dhawan to Anil Kapoor, these Indian Movie stars level up the kurta fashion pretty well over the last decade. But the catch here is  about what to wear on Diwali with these funky yet traditional Kurtas. So the right answer is a fitting pant that lets the Kurta showcase its design. You can wear matching pants or contrasting ones. And complete the look with a deep-hued stole and loafers or Juttis. 

6. Mandarin/Bandhgala Suit

Among the top most outfits for Diwali party, is the Mandarin or Bandhgala suit, due to its ultra cool and very versatile nature. This outfit will instantly transform you into a prince, regal with a hint of refined grandeur. Dress it down by wearing it with conventional Juttis, or dress it up by accessorizing with aviators in the day. 

Mandarin/Bandhgala Designer Suit

7. Chikankari Kurta

Among Diwali outfit ideas, Cotton kurtas are the epitome of ease and grace, and when they are embellished with contrasted chikan work, the ensemble is sheer enchantment. With ripped or even normal jeans, you may keep it fashionable and current. But you will earn all the praise from your mother if you dress up with a contrasting churidar. 

 8. Printed Shirts With Chinos

The Printed Shirts worn with Chinos are a modern and exciting twist on the conventional kurta pajamas. For a Diwali party, a casual printed mandarin shirt in traditional block prints are perfect men's Diwali outfits when paired with contrasting chinos and nice shoes. 

Red printed shirt
Blue Textured Pant

 9. Wear Watch and Bracelets

A nice watch in one hand to a traditional bracelet in another, when you juggle this combo with elan, you actually accessorise outfits for Diwali party to the T of perfect! But the thumb rule is when men's Diwali outfits are already flashy and bright, then tone down the accessories in their appeal.


10. Ethnic Slip-Ons

These could be anything right from a simple pearl necklace for your Bandhgala Suit set, to a traditional bracelet for your wrist to your traditional Juttis. Ethnic means traditional. So simply go traditional with slipping on the footwear to your neck/arm wear. 

So attend Diwali celebrations and chow down on delicious foods, or visit relatives in this fashionable outfit and get compliments. And don't forget to write to us with your own Diwali Outfit Ideas; you never know you might end up creating some fresh men's Diwali outfits that might become a rage!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it OK to wear black on Diwali?

It always will depend on either your personal choice or that of the lady of the house. In case she finds it a taboo for Puja, avoid it in Puja and wear it to the party.

What patterns to choose for the Diwali Occasion?

Both bright bold and simple patterns look great as Diwali outfit ideas. See well ahead of time what suits you. But the whole idea is not to overdo the get-up and also keep it in tune with the festive spirit. 

What should I wear under a Kurta?

What to wear on Diwali with a Kurta? Well depending on the style of the Kurta, pick your lower. Short kurta would be great with jeans; asymmetrical Kurta looks perfect with fitting pants; long Kurta looks ideal with pajamass and Nehru jacket while the Jodhpuri Bandhgala Kurta must have its Jodhpuri pants.