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Article: 11 Types Of Suits That Are Essential For a Gentleman Look

11 Types Of Suits That Are Essential For a Gentleman Look

11 Types Of Suits That Are Essential For a Gentleman Look

Suits for men are staple wear, not just for their style statement but forever charm that makes you a stylish gentleman. Among the modern suit styles and the rage of trending suits for men, many are left confused about what to pick from the various types of suits available in the market. Which type of suit would look great on me? How to select best suit? Where can I buy the ideal types of men's pants to go along with these suits, just in case I feel like mix-matching them? We are here to solve the puzzle for you. 

But before we look at the style sheet, we must side-by-side teach you how many types of suits there are. . 

11 Types of Stylish Suits For Men

Primarily there are many types of suits for men which can be styled in various ways. And we are sharing an ultimate suits for men style guide below.

1. Single-Breasted Suits

Single Breasted Suit

When you spot one, two or three buttons along the seam of the suit, this is a single-breasted suit . 99% of the corporate wear consists of this suit paired with suit pants in a contrasting color or the same one. Another way to spot them is notch lapels. A must-have suit in every gentleman's wardrobe. 

2. Double-Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suit

These are recognized by one side of the suit buttoned across the other side. And usually two to three buttons on either side. While the single-breasted suits are more of formal wear, the double-breasted suit find their genre among the semi-formal and casual types of suits for men. Depending on the occasion, select suit colors properly with suit pants, chinos as well as at times jeans as well. 

3. Tweed Suits

Tweed Suits For Men

Thick, warm, and durable, having a slightly fuzzy appearance on their texture makes the tweed suits an ultimate winter wear. These look the best with tweed suit pants in flat front pants, due to their complimenting nature that adds charm to your persona. Wear a round-neck sweater either darker than the suit color or lighter than it, but in Montane, to look ultra-stylish.

4. Dinner Suits

Dinner Suits

Whenever the upper and lower of the suits are in matching fabric and color, plus when these are worn with a necktie or bow ties, these are called formal dinner suits. The key feature that sets these modern suit styles apart from traditional suits, is that these can be worn with or without a waistcoat. 

5. Mandarin/Jodhpuri Suits

Jodhpuri Suits

A hip-length jacket with a Mandarin neckline/ Jodhpuri neckline gets the name Mandarin or Jodhpuri Bandhgala suit. It can be paired up with pleated pants, slacks for special occasions or chinos to work The jacket must be left buttoned up to get a Bandhgala or the closed neckline look. 

6. Notch Lapel Suits

These can be any kind of suit or jacket, just that their lapels have the notch and that gives them the name. Now, what's a notch lapel? When the lapel of a jacket is pointed at an angle, creating a triangle between the lapel, the notch and the seam - it is characterized as a Notch Lapel Suit. Depending on your style and the length of the jacket, you can pair them up with suitable suits pants, jeans or even chinos - like a short jacket would look great with chinos.

7. Shawl Lapel Suits

Shawl Lapel Suit

Such a lapel with no peak, no notch, but a rounded edge, will only be found on a Tuxedo Suit and would look ideal with that only. Matching suit pants that are fitted and crafted to the body size are an ideal pairing. Pick a light colored formal dress shirt to go underneath.

8. Peak Lapel Suits

Peak Lapel Suit

A slick move up to the notch lapel, the peak lapel has the top lapel edges confronting vertically at sharp angles underneath the collar. It's most ordinarily found on double-breasted suits and consequently an incessant player on formal occasions. If you wish to wear contrasting suit pants, then wear a smart T-shirt underneath the jacket.

9. Single and Double Vent Suits

When the backside of the suit jacket has a single vent, it is named so. And when it has two cuts, it is called a double-vent suit. This can be a full matching suit with suit pants or a blazer with contrasting jeans and chinos. Pick one as per the nature of the occasion. 

10. Cotton Suits

As the name suggests these types of suits for men are crafted in cotton and are ideal for spring and summer. These are among the most trending cotton suits for men because some men wear them in winters as well with sweaters or turtle necks underneath. 

11. Linen Suits

Linen Suits For Men

Among the modern suit styles, just like cotton suits, linen suits are also among the most trending suits across the globe. When crafted in premium linen, these make you emerge as that chic, dapper human amid the most normal surroundings. Whether you wear them with flat front pants or with regular ones, you are bound to make heads turn, if these are shaped in light colors or checked prints.


A decent suit is a significant monetary investment. So, whether you buy modern suit styles or the trending suits for men,you can stay away from dissatisfaction by preparing in advance about buying the right kind of suits. It should not just suit your persona but also must have the righttypes of men’s pants. Thus, avoid last-minute shopping of any types of suits for men, even if it is for a casual event.

Whether you wear a suit to a specific event or you wear a suit jacket over jeans to a casual outing, what you must wear along are the right kind of shoes, the right kind of belt. And this along with a perfect smile and oodles of confidence. The last two are what make all the difference and make a gentleman start apart from the crowd of men. 


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