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Article: 14 Different Types of T-Shirts That Are Essential in Every Man's Closet

14 Different Types of T-Shirts That Are Essential in Every Man's Closet

14 Different Types of T-Shirts That Are Essential in Every Man's Closet

Different types of t-shirts for men in different t-shirt styles are a staple wear in each and every man's wardrobe since these are the most comfortable, yet ultra-stylish and most versatile menswear.

The unimaginably versatile garment can be worn as a base layer for some incredible outfits, or as a fashion statement all alone. In any case, with such a lot of hard work to do through the day, having a choice of good quality, right kind of tees in various cuts and styles is pivotal.

14 Different Types of T-Shirts Ideal For All Climates

Now let's discuss an elaborate style guide for men which has different types of t-shirts for men. And understand what are different types of t-shirts called depending on their neckline, their color, their fit as well as the way these are styled.

1. Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-Shirts For Men

Polo T-shirts are extremely flexible as you can wear them for golf, formal as well as occasions, get-together, spending time with companions or even a date night! Among different types of t-shirts, this bright color polo-t-shirt will look great on a slender body outline as they make a deception of a more full chest area.

2. Half Sleeves T-Shirts

Half-Sleeves T-Shirts For Men

These are distinguished by round necks and half-sleeves. These are the top rated short-sleeves types of t-shirts for men because they can be worn even for formal events with a blazer, provided you wear them in plain solid colors. Can be teamed up with almost anything under the Sun, like jeans, shorts, trousers, etc.


 3. V-Neck T-Shirts

V-Neck T-Shirts For Men

Among different t-shirt styles, the V-neck ones are very versatile. Because any season is a decent season to accumulate, gather and wear V-neck shirts . They're vital, as they can be spruced up with a sweatshirt or overcoat, go energetic with a track coat/jacket or hoodie, or can be simply worn alone on any kind of lower.

4. Henley T-Shirts

Henley T-Shirts For Men

A blend between an essential T-shirt and a polo, a Henley tee is an extraordinary approach to redesign your look unpretentiously. The option of buttons yet no neckline adds a bit of class to your look. Accessible in both long and short sleeves, and a wide assortment of textures, you will use this style lasting through the year.

5. Hooded T-Shirts

Hooded T-Shirts For Men

Among various types of t-shirts for men, hooded t-shirts are exceptionally famous among design cognizant men. These flexible and classy shirts add a perfectly measured proportion of edge to your off the office look. You can wear them in all seasons as they can shield from heat, cold breeze and even a light shower.

6. Striped T-Shirts

Striped T-Shirts For Men

A striped shirt is handily found in every man's closet because its preppy and exemplary look fits the individual style of each man. Whether flat horizontal or vertical stripes, you can wear it with pants or shorts for a night out, supper, shopping, and so on. Striped T-shirts come in T-shirt neck types - scoop neck, V-neck and crew neck.

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7. Solid T-Shirts

Solid T-Shirts For Men

For men who prefer a clean chic look, the plain solid t-shirts never run out of fashion. Be it any kind of neckline or collar, these can be worn at almost any occasion, with almost any kind of lower like men's lounge pants or trousers.

8. Colorful Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Colorful Tie Dye T-Shirts

Amid different t-shirt styles, these are the most funky of the lot, and suit bold men who love to experiment with their looks. Plus these are ideal outfit for holidays at the beach, in the hills and so on and so forth. Plain shorts or lounge pajamas with sneakers or loafers and sunglasses complete their look.

9. U-Neck T-Shirts

U-Neck T-Shirts For Men

To show minimal yet more skin of the sleek shaved chest, then go for a U-neck or scoop neck shirts. With regards to U-neck shirts, plain and striped ones are the best pick and compliment these t-shirt neck types.

10. Thin Long-Sleeves T-Shirts

Full Sleeves T-Shirts For Men

Lightweight long sleeve t-shirts for summer, crafted in premium cotton are a rage when it comes to very hot areas because these save your arms from the sun tan. And also if worn in solid colors, can pass off both as casual or formal ones, depending on the lower you team it up with.

11. Lightweight Summer Sweatshirts

Lightweight Summer Sweatshirts

These types of sweatshirts for men are ultra casual and complete a party or evening gathering look. Or for that matter you can even go out shopping donning these.

12. Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts For Men

When there are bold prints, graphics, slogans, quotes or simply images on the chest or back area, then you call such a T-shirt, a graphic T-shirt. Among different types of t-shirts for men, these are the coolest and most casual outfits for men. Look ideal with blue jeans and sneakers, at team events, when the entire gang can have the same print to stand out as a fun team!

13. Sleeveless T-Shirts

Sleeveless T-Shirts For Men

Also known as muscle T-shirts to flaunt to gym toned biceps, among different t-shirt styles the sleeveless T-shirts are extremely popular. Though usually worn as a summer outfit in beaches etc., these days men choose to wear these during their workout sessions or at the gym. 

14. Pocket T-Shirts

Pocket tees accompany a plain or printed little pocket over the left side of the chest. These types of t-shirts for men are usually casual wear for home, lounging and a relaxed atmosphere, so pair up a loose lounge pajama, jeans or shorts to chill out. 


The men's t-shirt - a quintessential thing that has been in vogue since times immemorial, due to being straightforward, yet jazzy, and notable. No wonder you won't have any men's wardrobe without different t-shirt styles. 

But then how many T-shirts should one own? Our final word is that 7 to 10 T-shirts, each in a different style, is good to start with. slowly graduate to the other four, depending on your body and style quotient. Don't forget to drop us some cheers and comments, the day our style advice gets you some great compliments.  If you made your mind to buy the best clothes from French Crown, then checkout our coupons on Grabon.

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