11 Maroon Pants Outfits Ideas For Men To Have Stylish Look

Wondering what would make your dressing sense stand out among millions of people? How about trying premium pants other than blue, black, or grey? Burgundy or Maroon pants outfits are not very common in men’s fashion but they get matched very easily. So, elevate your style by trying on some maroon pants combinations with different colored shirts.

Which Colors Can Go With Maroon Pants? 

Since maroon is a vibrant color that catches eyes easily, matching them with neutral colors is a smart choice. Among the various shirts to wear with maroon pants, fill-in colors like navy, white, cream, black, etc. Check out some of the best men's outfits with maroon pants that will elevate your style. 

11 Maroon Pants Outfits For Men

You all must be familiar with the combinations for the pants and shirts choices such as black & blue, grey & white, etc. Today, let me introduce you to the 11 best colored shirts to wear with maroon pants. Perfect for every occasion and by adding accessories to your outfit, you would be able to dress up for both formal & informal events in a charming way. 

1. Maroon Pant With White Shirt

Maroon Pant With White Shirt










Being one of the perfect matches, white will look regal with a maroon pants outfit option. A maroon pant white shirt combination gives the wearer a pristine and charming look. When paired with derby or oxford shoes, this look will become the most fitting choice for first-time date outfits, both for work or personal matters. 

2. Pair With Grey Shirt

Maroon Pant With Grey Shirt










Grey will work exquisitely to enhance your look for men's outfits with maroon pants. You can go for a grey jacket with a white t-shirt and maroon chinos, or a grey button-down shirt with maroon pants for office meetings looks

3. Combine With Black Turtleneck Sweatshirt

Back in the fashion world, black turtleneck sweatshirts go well with maroon pant matching shirt options. For a slick look of elevated fashion style, pair your turtleneck & maroon pants with a monochromatic jacket and style them with black oxford to complete the look.

4. Maroon Pants With Black Shirt
Maroon Pants With Black Shirt









Suitable for every occasion, black shirts can be partnered with almost everything. They are the best option for the maroon color trouser matching shirt ideas. The regal black & maroon combination makes men look stunning and mysterious in a charming way.

5. Maroon Pants With White Blazer

Maroon Pants With White Blazer

 Among the many men's outfit ideas with maroon pants, pairing of maroon pants with a white blazer is very unique. Accessorized with a bow or a necktie, the pacified white color of the blazer will give the wearer a fresh look. You can pair it with an inner shirt or tee or different colors as per your preference.

6. Pair Maroon Pants With Blue Shirt

Maroon Pants With Blue Shirt










Present in everyone’s wardrobe, maroon pants with blue shirt combination is loved by everyone. Even denim shirts look exotic when worn with maroon pants and dark blazers. So, get ready for the best date you’ve ever had this season. 

7. Combine With Polo T-Shirt

Maroon Pants With Polo T-Shirt










Along with a killer formal look, men's outfits with maroon pants can also be a very good option for casual events. This is deemed possible by combining them with a polo t-shirt. Whether the color is dark or light, you can enhance your complete outlook with a polo t-shirt and maroon chinos.

8.  Denim Shirt Combination With Maroon PantsMaroon Pants With Denim Shirt










As already hinted in the blue shirt & maroon pants combination, denim shirts go very well with a maroon bottom. The rich color of denim measures the vibrant shades of maroon, making the whole look timeless, despite the combination being in fashion for decades.

9. Maroon Pants With Green ShirtMaroon Pants With Green Shirt










Immediately grabbing the attention of all in your vicinity, the explosive combination of green shirt and maroon pants is perfect for a bold look. Not very common, you can go with a green shirt to wear with maroon pants if you want to stand out from others in an event glamorously.

10. Maroon Pants With Black BlazerMaroon Pants With Black Blazer










Who doesn't look regal and charming in a black blazer outfits? But, when combined with maroon pants, you are in for a night filled with attractive looks and smoldering gazes from both genders. Save this look along with a nice necktie for dress codes in wedding or celebrations for the best effect.

11. Grey Blazer Outfit With Maroon PantsMaroon Pants With Grey Blazer










Just like grey shirts, you can compliment the maroon pant matching shirt combination by adding a grey blazer to the formal look. Find a crew neck tee for smart look on casual events and a dobby shirt for formal ones along with maroon pants.

Go with any one of these maroon pants combinations based on the mood of the event and garner all the positive attention.


What shoes go well with maroon pants?

Both light and dark color shoes look perfect with a maroon pants outfit. You can match dark colored footwear such as brown (both light & dark), navy, black, etc. with a light-colored shirt. Or you can wear beige and white formal shoes for grey and black shirts & maroon pants combination. 

What to consider while choosing maroon pants?

The one thing to keep in mind while dressing a maroon pant is to choose the color that will fill in the look. Since maroon is a bright color, you must always go with the options to compliment the vibrancy with placidness. This factor makes neutral colored shirts the best option for maroon pants.