10 Best Shirt Colors For Men To Lights Up The Personality

If you are one of those who are puzzled about which best shirt colors for men to pick while shopping, then we are your best stop!

Why, because our experts will advise you today about the colors of dress shirts that you must have as the most attractive color for men's shirt in your closet.

10 Best Shirts Colors For Men

So let's come straight to the trending shirts colors that every man must own and how to wear them.

1. Light Blue Shirts

Light Blue Shirts

Light blue is among the most attractive shirt colors for men and thus among the best shirt colors for men. No wonder you must have it in your closet.

How to Wear Light Blue Shirts?

As versatile as the white, light blue shirts looks great with the grays, the khakis, the whites and of course the browns and even to some extent with charcoal black as well.

2. Solid White Shirts

The most versatile among all kinds of men's dress shirt colors because you can pair it with almost any color under the sun. It can pass off as both formal and casual attire.

How to Wear Solid White Shirts?

Whether you pair it with a pair of trousers, men's shorts, chinos or for that matter a formal suit, the white shirt is the most attractive shirt color for men. Imagine yourself in a navy suit and a crisp white shirt and automatically a smile will flash on your face! Now that's the power of white. Don't forget those cufflinks and a pocket square when you wear white shirt. There are various ways to style white dress shirt, but choose one which suits you the best!

3. Red Checked Shirts

Red Checked Shirts

Red checked shirts is more of a casual style, hence avoid pairing with any kind of suits or blazers.

How to Wear Red Checked Shirts?

Red checked colors of dress shirts look the best with a black trouser or chinos, and to some extent with navy blue jeans as well. Keep the shoes casual like a pair of loafers or sneakers.

4. Yellow Shirts

Yellow is a very typical color and a bright yellow may not look great on men's with a dark skin complexion. A light yellow would be ideal for them, while men with a lighter skin tone can carry off brighter and deeper yellow in a better way.

How to Wear Yellow Shirts?

Light yellow shirts or lemon yellow ones are the best shirt color for men as a formal wear to pair with trousers, suits, chinos etc. Plus if these are half sleeved and deep yellow, these can pass off as casual wear too, when paired with navy jeans, shorts and lounge pants. Just keep in mind that the lower should be darker - like khaki, olive green, brown, navy, charcoal etc.

5. Black Shirts

Black Shirts

This is among the best shirt colors for men because you don't have to think too much options to wear with black shirts. But then, there is always a black dress code party to attend, right? Thus, a must have color in your collection.

How to Wear Black Shirts?

A black dress shirt will usually go best with charcoal or light gray suits as the ideal combination. Same applies to the trouser or shorts (that incase you are wearing it for a casual date night).

6. Light Green Shirts

Among one of the most attractive shirt colors for men, the pale green shirt is a must have as a formal wear with pants or suits; and a half sleeved one as a casual wear on holidays for beach.

How to Wear Light Green Shirts?

Light green is one of those men's dress shirt colors which instantly brighten up olive green, black, navy, gray, or brown suits as well as just the pants. And if you wear them with suits, then try a dark tie to tone down the green a bit. Also make sure to select the right shirt to wear along with color to make overall outfit sober.

7. Lavender Shirts

Lavender Shirts

Among the most attractive colors of dress shirts that a man must own, is the lavender shirt. Rather it is an unexpected staple that every man must own due to its versatile nature again.

How to Wear Lavender Shirts?

A lavender shirt is the best shirt color for men, when it comes to wearing with your black or navy suit, or just the navy, brown, deep green, beige, black or any other deeper color from the spectrum for the trousers.

An oversized, half sleeved lavender plaid shirt would look great with lounge pants and shorts. While a slim fit one is ideally paired with chinos.

8. Maroon Shirts

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a maroon shirt, but it is the most attractive shirt color for men, especially with an average skin tone.

How to Wear Maroon Shirts?

Both versatile and eye-catching, maroon is a dark shade, so pair it up with a lighter shade. Neutral colored pants or suits like beige, pale khaki are the best colors. Charcoal black can also be worn to some extent.

9. Light Gray Shirts

Light Gray Shirts

An unexpected shade among the colors of dress shirts for men, which must deserve more love as a formal wear, than it currently does.

How to Wear Light Gray Shirts?

It should be worn full sleeved as a formal wear with a charcoal gray trouser or suits. Avoid the necktie on a suit. And prefer to make it a winter wear.

10. Pink Shirts

Please don't associate the color with any gender. Pink is rather highly professional among colors of dress shirts that makes heads turn even at the board meetings. But, choosing a matching color pants with pink shirt may be a daunting task.

How to Wear Pink Shirts?

Every dark shade of blue, black, gray, deep green, brown compliments pink as a bottom wear/suit. If you are looking for bold combinations, then opt for dark red, maroon, or burgundy. Half sleeved pink shirts with formal pants are also a corporate wear, while the same with shorts and jeans are an uber-cool casual wear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shirt Colors

What color are business professional shirts?

Business professional shirts are of classic colors like white, blue/navy stripes or pink.

What's the most attractive shirt color for a guy?

While white and blue are among the most liked, yet lavender, light green and pink make a great choice.

Which shirt color is best for dark skin tone?

For dark skin tone, the color of shirt should be dark such as red, maroon, black or navy blue. Make sure to avoid light colors shirts.