What To Wear With Blue Jeans? - 10 Ideas For Men

Being the most common clothing item in a wardrobe, blue jeans are often considered mundane. But, by styling perfectly with various colored shirts & footwear, you can easily enhance your denim look. To know more about what to wear with blue jeans, keep reading this article!

What To Look For When Buying Blue Jeans?

While looking for blue jeans for men, the first thing to consider is the right measurement. Make sure your jeans fit perfectly, or else your outfit would look disoriented. Purchase a variety of shades in blue jeans without an ounce of regret. The denim has been in fashion for a while and intends to stay here for the upcoming days. 

What Colors Go With Blue Jeans? 

The best thing about choosing a blue jeans outfit for men is that you can club it with almost anything. You can go with neutral color like white shirts, or you can pump the look with a printed silk shirt. There is no boundary to limit your choices, you can also choose any style of jeans. Only remember to match the look according to the occasion and the blue jeans combination.

10 Blue Jeans Outfits For Men To Look Dapper

Whether you are going for an important interview or want to impress your date, lead the crowd in all sectors. To make your everyday outfit charming and alluring, we are bringing a variety of blue jeans outfits for men. 

1. Light Blue Jeans With Black Shirt

Black Shirt With Blue Jeans

The chaotic combination of light & dark is alluring. Similarly, there is no better fit for light blue jeans than a black shirt. Whenever we think about what to wear with blue jeans, then black color always pops up in our mind. Go for a turtleneck black t-shirt and brown belt for a unique touch to the combination. 

2. Style Jeans With Flannel Shirt

Blue Jeans With Flannel Shirt

A blue jeans outfit with dark boots and a flannel shirt will make your ordinary look more appealing and charming. Plaid flannel button-downs are very suitable for both casual and formal scenes. These are the kind of looks you can carry for the whole day. Notch up your style with a sleeveless jacket for a fresh winter look.

3. With White Button Down Shirt

Blue Jeans With White Button-Down Shirts

The blue jeans & white shirt combination is the epitome of men’s most stylish look. This outfit suits people of all skin tones making them look cool and composed. Untuck the white button-down shirt to dark or light blue jeans and put on your white sneakers. You will have the perfect office wear ready which you can carry on for your evening events.

4. Sky Blue Shirt Matching Jeans

Sky Blue Shirt With Blue Jeans

People usually avoid choosing a blue colored shirt with blue jeans. Here’s a quick tip for you to rock this style. Go with a sky-blue shirt and dark blue jeans for a casual event. Top off the outfit with a leather jacket or a pea coat for a more studious vibe. Show off in style with blue jeans matching shirt combinations and make heads turn your way.

5. Blue Jeans With Denim Jacket

Blue Jeans With Denim Jacket

Denim is an evergreen fashion trend that is not going anywhere. One of the best choices for outfits with blue jeans for guys is pairing up a denim jacket. It is a sweet blend between the 80s vibe and the modern touch of funky denim jackets. By choosing a different shade of blue for your jacket and jeans, you can totally rock this look. 

6. With Sage Green T-Shirt

Next time when you worry about what to wear with blue jeans, the answer should be obvious. The most fitting t-shirt color that goes well with any shade of blue jeans, a sage green t-shirt is a must-have. Bring out some color to your wardrobe by adding a full-sleeved and half-sleeved sage green t-shirt. Go with sneakers for casual days & choose oxford shoes by pairing it with a jacket.

7. Combine with Blazer

Blue Jeans With Blazer

Three piece outfits are one of the best looks in men. Choose dark-colored jeans & blazer with a light-colored shirt to give a sensual vibe. You can wear any kind of blazer depending upon the attire and the occasion. Black leather jackets & denim blazers are suitable for any event.

8. With White T-Shirt & Sneakers

Blue Jeans With White T-Shirt and Sneakers

This pairing is common but also very stylish. The blue jeans and white t-shirt combination brings the focus on the wearer’s stature, highlighting their shoulders and biceps. Show off those muscles and complete the look with a smartwatch & sneakers. White sneakers would look best in this outfit.

9. With Brown Jacket & Brown Boots

Brown Jacket with Blue Jeans

Let’s make the best of this winter season by choosing a go-to outfit for casual occasions. Grab your favorite pair of brown boots and match them with a blue jeans matching shirt. Then top off the look with a brown jacket to accentuate the boots. This combination will suit you anywhere and you can keep yourself warm & comfortable throughout the day. 

10. With Navy Blue Button-up Shirts & Sneakers

A classic for formal wear, navy blue button-up shirts, and dark blue jeans are a masterpiece. This look is a tried & proven concept and a great example of what to wear with blue jeans. Round off the look with comfy sneakers of different colors to spice it up. White, blue, black, grey, etc. are many choices in sneakers that would look fantastic with this outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color shirt goes with light blue jeans?

Light blue jeans mostly favor neutral or light-colored shirts. White and grey are the two most suitable colors for a light blue jeans combination. You can also try on some of the dark blue shades or black colored shirts with your light blue jeans. Try to avoid any funky or bright-colored shirt, as it won’t go well with the look.

Do black shoes go with blue jeans?

Yes, they do! Black shoes are the kind that goes with any outfit. Plus, the combination of blue & black is a successful choice. Especially for people going with blue jeans & white shirt combinations. You can wear black sneakers or oxford shoes with both dark & light blue jeans, depending on the occasion.

How should men dress with jeans?

Wearing jeans for office or casual events is not a big task. The only thing men must pay attention to is finding the right size. Make sure that the fabric is not too snug or too loose. Also, combine the right-colored shirt with the jeans to bring out the best of the outfit.

What kind of shirts go with jeans?

You can wear any shirts based on the situation. For formal events, going with a button-down, flannel, or oxford shirt would be the smarter choice. As for casual, you can go with blue jeans and white t-shirt combination, printed shirts or a turtleneck.