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Article: Father’s Day Gifts Guide : 15 Fashionable Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day Gifts Guide : 15 Fashionable Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day Gifts Guide : 15 Fashionable Gift Ideas For Dad

Although every day is Father's day and no single day goes where fathers do not keep us in awe. Father's day is a special day to showcase love towards dad. There is no better way to do it than to pamper him with gifts! The most important is what do I give my dad? . Here is a father's day gift guide to make your decisions easier. 

15 Fashionable Gifts For Your Dad

There is a range of gift ideas for dads from father's day clothing gifts to accessories. If dads can pamper their kids, then kids certainly know how to do the same.

1. Floral Shirts

Floral Shirt For Fathers Day Gift

Floral shirts are never out of place. They are fresh and bring in flamboyance in the dressing. It is attire for fancy dinner parties, family outings, holidays, and while playing with kids. Floral printed shirts look great with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Dads ought to look debonair.

2. Hoodie Shirts

Hoodie Shirts For Dad

If you thought hoodie shirts were a teenage thing, you were slightly mistaken. Hoodie shirts stay crisp in style for the cooler days. Choose eco-friendly clothing that is comfortable. A black hoodie shirts are a long staple and are resistant to pilling. Look for a brand that offers resistance to stretching. It is time to change your dad's wardrobe with a striking hoodie shirt. 

3. Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts For Dad

Are you wondering what to get for father's day? A pair of summer shorts is never out of fashion. They are comfortable, stylish, and yet so rugged. Dads are never bored with summer shorts. You can select cotton fabric with drawstring fastening. Summer shorts with 2 pockets are lovable. Bring vibrant colors of summer to your dad's closet to make him look chic.

4. Decent Suits

Stylish Suits For Fathers

A decent suit is always handy. Whether you want to go for a formal meeting or a casual one, a decent pair of a suit cannot go out of place. Pair it with an office button-down shirt or a tee. Remember to look for pockets as Dad loves pocket suits. Before you head shopping, scan his wardrobe and look for a different suit color missing in his wardrobe.

5. Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-Shirts For Father's Day Gift

It is no more a secret how dads love Polo T-shirts. Pick a polo t-shirt made with soft cotton fabric. Polo t-shirts always enhance the look. There are many quirky prints available in the market. 

It will make your dad's dilemma of what to wear today shoo away. Polo t-shirts with a jacket and jeans give a fine look. The flattering words from your mother will be endless. 

6. Blazers

Blazers For Dad

There is a day in a dad's office when he ought to put on formal work wear for meetings. What better than gifting him with blazers! Blazers are refined and give a sophisticated look. Blazers for men have versatility and need zero effort to wear. Linen for summer and wool-based fabric for winter are good options for dad. 

7. Cufflinks

Cufflinks For Fathers Day Gift

Cufflinks are a stylish accessory for men. It adds style to the attire. Cufflinks come in different sizes, colors, styles, and materials. With the right kind of cufflink, it can turn an informal look into a formal one and vice-versa. Wearing cufflinks makes a statement. It conveys an impression of dressing sharply. This father's day gift is a set of cufflinks towards a great start to smartness.

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8. Tie

Ties For Fathers Day

One of the simple father's day gift ideas is to gift a necktie. It makes the outfits elegant. There are several textures of neckties available. A tie is a traditional style that is never out of fashion. Buy satin-finish ties as they provide the flair to the style. Choose from a necktie, solid necktie, patterned necktie, and steel-colored necktie.

9. Dress Shoes

Shoes For Dads

Shoes define the look of a person. The dress code can be anything, paired with dress shoes, which makes them look outstanding. You can buy a pair of oxford style shoes or derby shoes for formal occasions. Dress shoes have a variety of boots, loafer style, brogues, double monk, boat shoes, and other such styles.

10. Leather Wallet

Wallets For Dad's Gift

What water does to plants is what a leather wallet does to a dad. Leather wallets are a must for style and purpose. Genuine leather wallets last longer.

There are plenty of designs available in the market that offer multiple card slots, different compartments for photos and bills, banknote compartments, and coin pockets. Present your father with colors from beige, brown, dark brown, black, charcoal black, and tan black leather wallets. 

11. Pen

Pen For Fathers

You may think about the use of a pen in the digital age! But the truth is a pen makes a man think. A pen for this special occasion is just right. Select a pen that is easy to hold and write. There are a variety of pens available with a click. You can buy from an online store and choose from ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, gel pens, fountain pens, check safe pens, felt tip pens, or any other pens that dads may need at their work front.

12. Perfume

Perfumes For Dad's Gift Idea

How you smell is very important whether you are at home, office, holidaying, or at a party. It is great to present dad with a beautiful perfume for him to wear. Men prefer perfume that lasts long. The smell has to be strong. Choose an aroma that has a versatile scent combination. Gift a perfume that is budget-friendly too.

13. Pocket Square

Pocket Square For Dads

Elevate your dad's look with a piece of stylish pocket square. A pocket square is a simple fold paired with a tuxedo, suit, or jacket. The pocket square must match the color of the necktie. Do not mistake a pocket square with a handkerchief. You can choose from cotton, linen, and silk fabric for this special occasion.

14. Watch

Watches for dad

Why not gift a watch this father's day? You can choose mechanical watches or quartz. There is a range of watches to pick from analogue, digital, hybrid, touch-screen, tactile, chronometer, skeleton, and other such choices. If you think your dad has an innovative idea, you can gift him a pocket watch too. They provide an antique look and superior style.

15. Vegan Belt

Vegan Belts For Fathers

Gifting a vegan belt is the finest gesture you can show towards protecting against animal cruelty. Vegan belts look like leather belts but with organic materials. There is a market with skilled craftsmanship to showcase an assortment of vegan belts. Vegan belts go well on formal pants, trousers, and jeans. What's more, you are supporting a resource-saving chain worth.


This father's day makes your dad feel special with a hand-made greeting card and a beautiful gift. We hope the gift guide for your dad helps you choose the best gift for your dad. Do share your gift ideas and stories with it. 

Keep glued to this page for more insights on gifts and festive moods. To all the fathers, wish a Happy Father's Day.

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