How to Choose the Right Shirt for Men? [ With 8 Tips ]

Regardless of whether for yourself or for another person, picking a men's dress shirt can be more confusing than you think. A men's dress shirt is significant for initial feelings like prospective employee meetings and introducing yourself well at get-togethers. Investing energy tracking down the right shirt, assessing its nature, and ensuring it fits right can have a significant effect.

But then do you know how to buy a perfect shirt for men? Don't worry, we are sharing some basic yet very essential tips to help you decode the same!

8 Tips On How to Choose the Right Shirt For Men

However, the shirt's look, style, color, and material affect the comfort and change the appearance of people. So whenever you choose, pick it wisely. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Choose the Right Color of the Shirt

Choose the right color

Colors add life to men's shirts and their persona, but then colors also must gel with the occasion and surroundings of where you need to wear them. So how to choose best shirt color when you choose a shirt for men.

For instance, choose casual shirts for men with bright/light colors when you are out for an outdoor setting that is less formal and more fun. For instance, as a beach party outfit or friend's get together or even a date with a fiancé who is more into fun than formalities!

On the other hand, go for formal shirts for men with specific whites, greys, black, navy, etc for an official meet or some other as per the formal events like a wedding or office party like gold, maroon, red or any other as per your persona.

2. Select the Right Pattern

Just like colors, different patterns are also circumstances based.

Plain and solid patterns allow you to slip in and out of various occasions with versatility. These are perfect for formal occasions plus are a perfect way to start redoing your wardrobe for dress shirts. The best thing is, any kind of patterned tie gets along with solid shirts!

For casual settings, go for subtle stripes, or pinstripes As these can be worn at any kind of casual scene. Even at sudden wedding invites.

3. Select an Appropriate Collar

Select an Appropriate Collar

We won't dive deep into this, except suggesting that you initially start with a cut-away collar or just the usual spread collar. Each of these men's shirt collar styles has different advantages to fit various personalities.

The cut-away collar gives your tie enough mileage. Plus it makes your face stand out well enough from the shirt.

The spread collar is pointed down by 90 degrees and allows the audience not to distract away from the style of the shirt and stay focused on your face (for instance, it is ideal for a presentation or speech). Also, people with long faces look better when donning this kind of shirt.

4. How to Choose Shirt Fabric?

Choose Shirt Fabric

The selection of fabric can be either occasion-based, or season-based, or persona-based or all, depending on your comfort and the ability to carry the different types of shirts when you choose a shirt for men.

Cotton and linen are for instance ideal for a formal or semi-formal event that's held in either spring or summer.

On the other hand, tencel shirts are more casual, especially when these are printed. And go better as a fabric in autumn and winter due to its woolly kind of texture and warmth.

5. Check the Weave of Your Shirt

We won't confuse you with the four types of weaves, rather let us simplify this for you, with a simple example.

If you are buying a cotton shirt or linen shirt, hold it against the light. If the light comes to you like coming from a sieve, then such a shirt is suitable for casual occasions where your body needs to breathe free. But if the shirt gives you only partial light and is closely weaved, then it is ideal for a formal occasion.

6. Be Careful About What Allergies You Have

Some people are allergic to polyester, some are allergic to silk, so carefully choose shirt for men. Read into the catalogue, to rule out any potential reaction, because not all stores will give you an exchange policy. And if you aren't too sure, you either pick a 100% cotton shirt and select a brand like FRENCH CROWN which provides easy exchange.

7. Ensure The Right Fit (Bend/ Raise Your Arms To Check Proper Fit)

Right Shirt Fit

Different brands have different size charts. Every time you buy a new shirt, freshly measure your shirt length, sleeve length, shoulders and waist, plus the cuffs. Tally with the size chart and then pick an ideal size for the moment. If you are buying it online, wear it at home and bend your arms to check if the length of the sleeve is fitting fine. Similarly, raise your arms to check if the shirt is slipping out of your trousers after it was tucked in.

Caution: cottons and linens tend to shrink a little, after wear. You can buy a slightly larger size. But the same fiber is mixed with synthetic fibers, will hardly shrink, so you can buy a shirt that is ideal for you as per the size chart.

Shirt size chart

8. Inspect the Buttons

During the shirt, trial ensures no gaping holes amid the buttons that might expose your chest or tummy! The ideal gap between two buttons must not be beyond four fingers together. If these four wingers slip-in slip out easily, then pick another shirt.

Additional Tip: A formal shirt must not have flashy buttons.

In the above article, we have tried to share the best tips on how to choose shirts for men, whether you wish to buy for yourself or wish to gift the same. The last tip: always remember, as a gift, prefer plain or solid colors as gifts if you aren't too sure about the other human's choice or sense of style. Because these can be used up for any formal event and make the human feel cherished. If you have any further queries, you may always write to us.