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Article: 10 Indian Wedding Outfits For Men With Different Occasions

Guide On Indian Wedding Attire For Men

10 Indian Wedding Outfits For Men With Different Occasions

Indian marriages celebrate the union of two families rather than simply two individuals. The crucial issue, though, is what to wear to an Indian wedding. It is, after all, a celebration complete with a number of traditions and, of course, wonderfully dressed individuals!

You should learn more about various traditions, the do's and don'ts of the occasion, and other things in order to choose the appropriate attire for attending an Indian wedding - whether it is generic Indian wedding outfits for men or for that matter the wedding attire for the groom. Let's learn more about the appropriate attire for attending different wedding celebrations in India!

What To Wear at a Haldi Ceremony? 

For Haldi, everyone becomes really enthusiastic. Before being covered in water, the bride and groom are covered in a turmeric paste at their own houses.

The Haldi ceremony is rather disorganized. So be careful not to buy clothing that won't hold up to some vigorous washing after the occasion. It's better to wear yellow since the leftover stains after washing would be well hidden in the yellow color of the Kurta. When attending the Haldi ceremony, males should wear a kurta-pajama. 

1. Yellow Kurta With Pajama

Yellow Kurta Pajamas For Men To Wear in Haldi Ceremony

When it comes to Haldi Ceremony attire, the best option is an ethnic kurta  where in Yellow '' is unquestionably the color of the ceremony! But try pair this up in matching colors to yellow, where in long kurta for men could be yellow and the white, olive green, peach or light pink pajama, that too a churidar one would look amazing as the Haldi ceremony's wedding attire for groom.  

2. Mustard Yellow Nehru Jacket / Waistcoat

Mustard Yellow Nehru Jacket

This makes a great traditional wedding attire for the groom as well as for his male friends. Avoid wearing white, even if you intend to wear a traditional waistcoats like Nehru jacket, for obvious reasons, that Haldi yellow would later be a mess to wash off or even dry clean off. Club this mustard yellow waistcoat with mandarin collar shirt in black or white color.

3. Mustard Pathani Suit

A Pathani suit is always that one attire that brings that oomph factor among all other Indian wedding outfits for men. It makes you look extraordinary plus there are a plethora of options to choose from.

What To Wear To a Mehendi/Sangeet Ceremony? 

A complex style of body art known as mehendi is produced using the transitory stain made from henna plant leaves. After several days or weeks, the pattern disappears. Mehendi rituals come to life with singing, dance, and happy expressions.

When worn with dhoti trousers and kurtas, you can seem beautiful. Be prepared to rock the dance floor by picking fabrics that are lightweight and comfy. 

1. Go for Neon Outfit

Why we say so is because these are the colors of the season these days and make you look class apart. Plus these Indian wedding outfits for men give that additional hue of sophistication as the wedding attire for groom for the Mehndi Ceremony to make him look different from the groom's party. After all it's his day, so stay male extra-ordinary! 

2. Dhoti With Kurta or Sherwani

Dhoti With Kurtas

Whether this is the pre-wedding attire for the groom, or that for his guests, ethnic dhoti and kurtas or Sherwani are always the flavor of any and every Indian wedding season, because that's what sets us apart from the world! It's our culture, our tradition that now the west follows, so why not ace it in the best colors, patterns, fabrics, embroidery and combinations! 

3. Mirror Embroidery Kurta

When it's the Mehndi time, it means a lot of song and dance at an evening full of lights! And mirror work styles you the best at such bright events. These Indian wedding outfits for men make them look not only fashionable, but make that mark above others, because not all think in this direction.

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding Day? 

Whether it is the wedding attire for the groom or the attire for you to carry off as a guest, you have to pay equal attention to it. Men can select from a wide variety of sherwanis, bandhgalas suits, pajamas, and churidars. Kurtas can also be ideal for the situation, whether or not they have a jacket and have rich embroidery or zari borders.

The most popular fabrics are mixes of cotton and silk. Don't be afraid to use flowery patterns and vibrant hues like red, green, pink, yellow and purple plus more. Feeling lost? Here are some suggestions:

1. Mandarin Bandhgala Suit

Mandarin Bandhgala Suit For India Wedding

The ethnic Bandhgala suit is all about strong lines, airy outfits, classic hues, and flawless workmanship as that ideal groom outfit for a wedding. If you are a guest also, you can also choose a printed bandhgala suit, which is a constant representation of vivacious, joyful energy.

This is the perfect wedding suit outfit for grooms who have the ability to pull off unconventional styles with ease. Silk and velvet suits, on the other hand, are always in style during the height of the wedding season. This is unquestionably the best groom look for a wedding. These will unquestionably keep you warm for a long time.

2. Designer Blazers

Designer Blazers For Indian Wedding

If you wish to don some ethnic with a touch of western you can pair your formal trouser and shirt with ethnic blazers for wedding. But remember to match the overall outfit with that of your bride in case you are the man of the day. While a guest has all the liberty in the world to choose his wedding attire, the groom's outfit for the wedding has to be somewhat in tune to what his lady does! You can wear dazzling wedding blazer for western wedding dress code. 

3. Sherwani

Indian Wedding Sherwani For Men

Whether it is the traditional wedding attire for the groom or for his guests and family members, the Sherwani always ranks among the top three Indian outfits for weddings due to its impeccable evergreen style as well as long hours of comfort. Try to match it with the lady love, even if you are just a guest and see the magic. Plus wear a comfortable pajama underneath that can help you dance or move around for long hours at ease.

Choosing the appropriate attire for an Indian wedding need not be difficult. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of options from the traditional wedding attire for the groom or his friends, which might be confusing. But if you stick to our advice, you'll not only enjoy choosing your wedding attire but also taking part in a lavish Indian wedding!

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