7 Best Wedding Suits For Men To Look Dapper This Wedding Season

The wedding season is around the corner! your calendar must be filled with invites to weddings. And if you are going to tie the knot with the love of your life this season, Then, along with finding “The One” in your life, let’s find the Wedding Suit that will give you a headstart to happy nuptials. Below we are mentioning some of the best wedding suits for men this season.

7 Best Wedding Suits For Men

Based on the outfits and accessories as per the latest trend, we will help you answer the big question, which suit is best for marriage? how to decide a wedding attire for menShould you go with a double-breasted suit or a classic English suit? As per your preferences, here are the best seven options: 

1. Bandhgala Designer Suit

Highlighting the cultural accents, a Bandhgala Designer Suit is one of the best wedding suits for men. They are mostly suitable for premium occasions and weddings. Originating from India, this suit is also worn in public by foreign stars like Christiana Ronaldo. Twin up the suit with a long white shirt and match it up with white socks & dark Mojaris.

Blue Bandhgala Designer Suit

2. Designer Tuxedo Suit

For a classic touch with smooth lapels, there is no better option than the designer tuxedo suit. Perfect for high-class parties, and celebrations, the Terracotta Tuxedo Suit is the best suit color for weddings. Combined with a bow tie and white tux shirt, enforce the white & black socks and monk shoe for a formal look. You can also try various tuxedo styles and colors to make smart contrast of your outfit.

Designer Tuxedo Suit For Wedding

3. Wool Rich Suit

You just cannot go wrong with an elegantly crafted Gray Wool Rich suit. The flap pockets, padded shoulders, and smooth-to-touch fabric help in giving the wearer a dashing look. Invest in a light Gray Wool Rich Suit along with a black shirt, a matching tie, white socks, and black oxford shoes for the wedding season.

Wool Suit For Wedding

4. Jacquard Textured Suit

In the race looking for stylish men's suits for a wedding, jacquard textured suits are stationed on top levels. The soft shoulders and two-button flap, when combined with a vest, work as a perfect three-piece suit. This outfit is a blessing for the eyes, making your partner swoon while walking down the aisle.

Jacquard Bandhgala Suit For Wedding

5. Black Designer Suit

Classic Black is no doubt the best suit color for weddings. It looks great on every skin tone and suits all kinds of themes. Black designer suit can be worn with or without a tie, both bow or a long one. The undershirt can be either white or any other color matching the tie. Pair it up with some stylish oxford shoes & shirt-color soft socks and you are ready for grabbing attention.

Black Designer Wool Rich Suit For Wedding

6. Double-Breasted Suit

With peak lapels, the Gray Double Breasted Suit is an exquisite example of what a wedding suit should be like. Coming in different shades of color, they make a man look pristine and classy. Slightly longer than other suit jackets, you can also wear a turtleneck underneath for casual events. They are indeed the best wedding suits for men for long-tie events.

Double Breasted Suit For Wedding

7. Linen Suit

Having a summer wedding this season? Then, let your open-wedding venue give you some light by donning a Black Linen Suit. With peak lapels and single breasted closure, Linen Suits are crowned with being the most stylish men's suits for a wedding. Match the vibe by wearing ankle-length pants, showcasing your socks, and highlighting your oxford shoes. 

Linen Suit For Wedding

Rules To Consider While Choosing a Wedding Suit   

These days most weddings are semi-formal in nature. Naturally, there are many variations expected at weddings. One thing you can be sure of is that you will need a suit, and that too a spectacular one. Whether you are the groom or a guest, you need to understand the importance of this day. 

1. Choose a Suit as Per the Dress Code Theme

Know the dress code and then dress accordingly. Knowing whether the event is a formal one or not, will help you in finding which suit is best for marriage. Also, decide whether to wear tuxedo or suit as per the wedding themeFor a black-tie event, dress to the nines in a double-breasted wool rich suit. As for casual themes, go with fitting linen suits in light colors.

2. Focus on Contrast

Pair up with a shirt, tie, and socks by keeping the contrasting outfit’s in mind. Always go for a light-to-dark combination. Decide on the best suit color for a wedding based on your skin tone. People with dark skin tones should opt for navy or wine-colored suits as they make their complexion look rich. 

3. Focus on Quality of Suits

Since wedding suit purchasing takes place once every few years, always go for the quality. It’s okay to spend extra bucks on a good brand, as you will be keeping the suit for years to come. Especially if it's for your own wedding. Nothing feels good than removing your wedding suit and seeing it in prime condition. 

4. Consider Your Bride’s Opinion

When it comes to weddings, nobody is more right than the bride. Your girl knows everything about what to take place at the wedding, so trust her instincts. If she says yes to a wine-colored jacket, then go for the wine-colored one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Suits

1. Can we wear a black suit for a black-tie wedding?

Yes, most black-tie wedding celebrations require guests to wear a black Tuxedo. For any other options, the wedding invite has all the details. Thus, make sure to let your inner James Bond come out in a dapper-class Tuxedo suit. It is by far the best suit color for weddings.

2. Which color suit is best for a wedding?

Nothing can defeat a black or gray suit at a wedding. This fact goes true for all, groom, groomsmen, and guests. Being the best suit color for a wedding, black and gray makes a man look dashing, and classic, and empowers their gentlemanly charm.

3. How long before a wedding should you buy a suit?

It’s always the right choice to shop for at least a month before the wedding. But, when you are searching for the best wedding suits for your wedding, make the timeline 2-3 months prior. You may never know what problems the dress size and accessories may bring, so give yourself some extra time.