Which Shirt is Best With Grey Pants? - 10 Grey Pant Matching Shirts For Men

When we talk about the most versatile trousers for men, grey pants are indeed the winner, and as an option that suits all skin tones and body types, a grey color pant matching shirt outfit would be a perfect pick.

What Colors Shirt Goes With Grey Pants?

A versatile style suitable for both formal and casual events, grey color pant matching shirt go all the way in every style. Whether you prefer light shirt colors like beige or crisp white, or you love to rock with dark tones like maroon, black, etc. you can pair them up with light grey pants. Here are some of the fitting options for the most voiced question, what color shirt goes with grey pants?

10 Grey Pant Matching Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

When it comes to searching for the best grey color pants matching shirt outfits for men, there are too many options available. For your convenience, here is a list of the top 10 grey color pant matching shirt ideas you can totally adorn for both a subtle casual look or a charismatic formal style.

1. Grey Pants With Black Shirt

The perfect combination of grey and black goes for all occasions, formal or casual. Pair grey chino pants with a black crew neck t-shirt along with some cool sneakers and you will master the smart casual look. Or partner your silk black shirt with light grey pants and you have a dashing office look worth dying for. This would be a great choice for light grey pants matching shirt combination.

Jade Black Shirt
Grey Textured Pant

2. Grey Pants With White Shirt 

Whether you are looking for dark or light grey pant matching shirt options, a white shirt is always a winner. Whether it be a turtleneck or a crisp button-down, white shirts are meant to fit perfectly well with grey pants. The shade of the grey color doesn’t matter, because this combination can never go wrong.

Bright White Shirts For Men
Grey Windowpane Pants

3. Grey Pants With Navy Blue Shirt

It is often quizzed on what color shirt goes with dark grey pants? The sleek combination of navy blue shirts with dark grey pants is the one to go with for a sophisticated look.

Match them up with brown colored shoes and you will glam the whole street up with your sensual aura. Feel the confidence after donning this dark grey pant matching shirt.

Navy Blue Shirt With Grey Pants
Grey Woolrich Pant

4. Grey Pants With Light Blue Shirt

Grey Pants With Blue Shirts

Great for a smart casual day outfit as it is quite a useful color to style. Light Blue shirts with light grey colored pants give the wearer a smart-casual look fitting for sunny days. Or even you can suit up with a light blue button-down, dark colored  tie, and long overcoat for perfect business attire on winter days. 

5. Grey Pant With Pink Shirt

If you are living with the illusion that pink color is only for the females, then you cannot be more wrong. The combination of the pink color shirt is said to be one of the best choices for a light grey pant matching shirt option. This outfit will give you a more approachable and inviting look and will help you settle in a new environment with ease. Go for collarless pink shirt to look cool in summer season.

Blossom pink shirt
Grey Wool Blend Pants

6. Grey Pant With Dark Green Shirt

 Elegance and sophistication, with a slight edgy demeanor is the key to making you stand out in the crowd. That can be possible with this gorgeous combination of a dark green shirt with grey pants. Pair it up with a smartwatch and dark-colored shoes, and you are ready to take on the world.

Dark Green Shirt With Grey Pant
Light Grey Pant

 7. Grey Pant With Burgundy Shirt

 After wearing this grey pant matching shirt outfit, you won’t ever feel the need to ask, what color shirt goes with grey pants? Because the deep rich color of Burgundy shirts goes aesthetically well with grey pants. You can also match the warm tones of this look for both formal as well as casual events.

 8. Grey Pant With Checked Shirt

Grey Pants With Checked Shirts

This combination is a bit unusual, giving the wearer a positive surprise element in the midst of common fashion sense. The stylish checked shirts in light color with dark checkers suit the grey shade pants perfectly. With this combination, you will find a look that will work for you from the beginning of the day till night.

 9. Grey Pant With Striped Shirt

Grey Pants With Striped Shirts

Just like checked shirts, striped shirts also work in the favor of highlighting the gent’s body structure. Complete the look by wearing dark colored footwear and black aviators during the day. This look will work great on both a date and a normal office day. Striped shirts are one of the best options for the light grey pant matching shirt outfits.

 10. Grey Pant With Floral Print Shirt

Grey Pant Matching With Floral Print Shirt

You must be shocked to see this option in the top 10 list of grey color pants matching shirt outfit ideas. But, trust the experts! You won’t be disappointed by trying out this look. Grey is always deemed to be such a dark color but its combination with floral print is an eye-opener. The floral print texture and light tones of the shirt will look fantastic because of their opposing tones.

The fiery combination of grey colored pants with different color shirts makes it a very versatile outfit option in the fashion world. Grey is a color that is not always the first choice but never fails to make men stand out, regardless of the occasion. So, go and get yourself one of these grey color pants with a matching shirt and be ready to shine wherever you go.

Questions Asked About Grey Pants Outfits

 What color shirt to wear with dark grey pants?

There are many color options to go with for dark grey pants matching shirt ideas. You can choose white, black, or burgundy shirts for a perfect formal look. Or you can go with floral print, striped or pink colored shirts for a smart casual look. Grey is one of those color tones that goes well with almost all shades.

What shirt color goes with light grey pants?

With light grey pants, always go for darker shirt color combination to make smart contrast of colors. You can choose black, maroon or dark blue shirt for perfect look. Also, you can go for printed shirts in dark color for best casual look.

 What shoes to wear with grey pants?

Grey can be both dark and light-toned in the bottom wear department. The color can be highlighted by wearing black or grey colored oxford or monk shoes for a sophisticated look. Whereas burgundy or brown colored footwear will be a good choice for a casual outfit. Just try to match it up with the shirt’s color.

 What would go with grey textured pants?

The light colors like crisp white, light blue, beige, and navy blue shirts would look really well with grey textured pants. These colors will highlight the texture of the grey pants making them perfect for both a board meeting or a joyful night out with friends. Just pick your choice and pair it with dark-colored footwear, and you are set for the day.