How To Wear Green Suit? : 8 Green Suit Combinations with Shirt, Tie And Shoes

The green suit is on the ascent in the realm of style. You might have proactively seen a couple of them yourself that are raging in the fashion circuit. However, assuming you believe that green suits are for different kinds of ultra-bold men, then we are here today to make you reconsider!

Yes, when we share the tips with you for green suit combinations, we ensure that anyone can pull off this popular suit color, and it's simpler than you naturally suspect.

When to Wear A Green Suit?

Green suits might be somewhat scary on the grounds that they're harder to match tones to, however it's exceptionally worth the effort. You can wear dark green suit combination like the olive green suit combination to formal events and meetings, while lighter shades like aqua green look ideal for formal parties. 

8 Green Suit Combinations For Men

Before we share what shirt combination with green suit would look great on you, let us share the main tip first. When the suit is textured, printed or in plaids, then go for a plain solid colored shirt but you can experiment with the shirt, when the green suit is plain solid in color. 

Also, there are many shades of green like emerald green, turquoise green, mint green, olive green, pistachio, and aqua green. While Olive, pistachio and emerald green can be worn as formal suit colors, the others more so over pass as casual green suit combinations. 

1. Green Suit With White Shirt

Green Suit Combinations With White Shirt

This shirt combination with green suit is an evergreen green suit combination that has been on the fashion circuit since times immemorial and will stay so. Be it any shade of green, a white shirt always brings about the best on you.

Pick a matching green tie combination with green suit, and put on your formal oxfords in tan or brown, and you are ready to rock any event of the day, be it a formal meeting or a wedding party. 

2. Green Suit With Black Shirt

Green Suit Combination with Black Shirt

Just like white, a black shirt with any shade of lighter green suits lends it that corporate look. Right from a collared shirt to a mandarin collar to a simple black-Turtle neck T-shirt, you can wear anything as a light green suit combination.

But when it comes to picking a shirt color for green suit and the green suit shoes combination, then pick an exactly matching tie with green and only black formal shoes for this green suit combination. Avoid black shirts as a dark green suit combination. 

3. Green Suit With Blue Shirt

Green Suit With Blue Shirt

Look for muted shades of blue shirt when you wish to create this green suit combination, which works best with either aqua green, or as olive green combination. A dark brown or a deep maroon tie will give you a mature look, and so will a black tie. Wear the shoes in shades of the tie only, to not look out of place. 

4. Green Suit With Maroon Shirt

Green Suit With Maroon Shirt For Men

The simple rule is always to wear a dark shade of shirt only with lighter shades of green. So in this green suit combination, a pistachio green or aqua or for that matter turquoise green would look ideal with the maroon shirt. You can wear a printed tie in shades of green suit and throw in formal burgundy shoes or say loafers to complete the look of this matching color combination with green suit.

5. Olive Green Suit With Printed Shirt

Olive Green Suit Combination With Printed Shirts

For an olive green suit combination, as per the season you can pick brown, copper, burgundy, darker shades of yellow, and navy shirts in prints. But for summer, pink, orange, and light blue would look great as printed shirts.

When you pick the tie combination with green suit, keep in plain solid shades that match the overall green suit combinations. And you can pick either formal brown, burgundy or tan shoes, or the two-tones shoes as well as per the shirt color.

6. Green Suit With Pink Shirt

Green Suit Combination With Pink Shirt

In this case again while bold pink looks great on dark green suit combinations, on the other hand the muted pink lends a perfect look to the green suit combinations. Burgundy, maroon, gray, lilac and also the matching green tie enhances the overall look.

Tan brown shoes, maroon shoes or even burgundy shoes will look great in a green suit shoes combination here, depending on whether the event is ultra formal or a bit party-like. 

7. Green Suit with Striped Shirt

The thumb rule here is that when the shirt is striped, then the green suit cannot be striped or plaid. Also, always go for vertical stripes. Dark green suit combinations can have light shades of shirt and vice versa. But what we have seen in the fashion circuit is that light blue, lilac in stripes and light pink striped shirts are the most sought-after green suit combinations.

You should pick a black, matching green or deeper shade of respective shirt color for the tie combination with green suit. For this matching color combination with a green suit, don't think twice and pick brown or tan shoes as the best option.

8. Green Suit With Brown Shirt

Again, a lighter shade of brown with a dark green suit and vice versa would give you a dapper look for this matching color combination with green suit. Always pick brown shoes as this green suit shoes combination, unless you are wearing a deep brown shirt, where even two tone shoes with brown and black could look nice on few men.

If the shirt is plain, you can pick printed green ties, but if the shirt is textured, you can pick a plain tie in matching shade of green and  matching suit color shoes that overall compliments the look. 


We have shared some best eight green suit combinations with you, but if you wish to experiment more, it entirely depends on your persona and confidence levels! Yes, you can try many more shirt combinations with green suit, tie combination with green suit or green suit shoes combination, and also update us on the same! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories work best with a green suit?

A brown belt, a pair of tan or brown shoes, aviators too in sun-tan shades are evergreen accessories here. 

Which fabric is best for green suits?

Pick cotton, linen for summers while rayon, viscose, wool or such thick ones for winters. 

Is a green suit professional?

Dark green suit combinations with plain solid shirts can work as professional wear.