11 Grey Suit Combinations To Look Decent in Every Occasions

The connection between men and grey suit combinations is more established and stronger than time! The benevolent endures everlastingly and continues to recharge itself over and again, with fashion experts experimenting with colors, textures, prints and the fabrics.

Patterns might go back and forth, however the grey suit combinations are everlasting! While a wide range of attire keep raging the fashion runways, grey suits are pretty much a work of art and they don't require occasional approval.

Where You Should Wear a Grey Suit?

While light grey suit combinations are considered a casual men's outfit, the formal setting demands dark grey suit combinations or even charcoal grey combinations to look more sophisticated.

11 Grey Suit Combinations to Follow For A Perfect Look

Whatever be the idea shared below, the thumb-rule you must follow is: Darker shaded shirts can be worn with light grey suit combinations while lighter shades of shirts work the best with dark grey suit combinations. Also if the site is plaid/striped or textures, wear a plain solid shirt in monotone. And vice versa as per your own style.

1. Grey Suit with White Shirts 

Grey Suit With White Shirt

White is the perfect and most sought after shirt color for a grey suit. It not only gives you that corporate honcho feel but also enhances the grey tone and doesn't somber it down. All shades of white shirts make great grey suit combinations. Even for grey suit combinations wedding attires, you can wear a silk white shirt and a good neck tie. 

2. Grey Suit with A Patterned Tie

Grey Suit With Patterned Tie

Many men will quite often pass off the straightforward reality that a neck tied with a grey suit instantly elevates manly looks! To amp up the style quotient on your grey suit, it's generally really smart to match it with a designer tie rather than a plain one. From glossy silk to rayon to even simple cotton, a patterned tie is  the most-desired. The tie color for grey suit and the tie combination with grey suit are as many as you can imagine!

3. Grey Suit with Vests/Waistcoats

Grey Suits With Vests

A vest or waistcoat is a more conventional expansion to the grey suit, and we'd recommend it for significant meeting room gatherings, business meetings outfits, formal capacities, or as grey suit combinations wedding attires only.

Try to wear plain solid colors with striped suits and vice versa, but the shades should be such that it should not overshadow grey suit combinations. Also mind it, vests, while accessible promptly, ought to likewise be customized and fitted alongside your suit to avoid last minute chaos. 

4. Grey Suit with Black Shirts

Always go for light grey suit combinations, when you have a black shirt on. Pair it up with black shoes and a suitable watch. Avoid a neck tie or pocket square, unless it is an event with some frills attached. 

5. Grey Suit with T-Shirt

The ultimate youth style these days, this is especially to wear on first date or a night with your lady love's family, or similar nights where you need to stay comfy yet look stylish. Wear a decent T-shirts in monotone, not printed, not floral. To complete the look you can wear sneakers or loafers closer in shade to your T-shirt.

6. Grey Suit with Striped Shirt

The thumb rule here is to keep the suit without stripes or great textures if the shirt is striped. Combinations of white, pale yellow, pink, with black, olive, burgundy etc. would look great in stripes for shirts with grey suit combinations.

7. Grey Suit with Turtleneck Sweater 

Grey Suit With Turtleneck Sweater

For date evenings or for unique events, a dark turtleneck sweater works perfectly with light grey suit combinations - each piece neat and stylish! It additionally makes for an extraordinary matching for semi-formal events like cocktails or such pre-wedding gatherings .

A nice watch and matching pocket squares can also make you look more formal and courteously dapper. At work place also, sans the pocket square you can neatly don this outfit.

8. Grey Suit with Checked Shirts

A dark grey suit and a light plaid shirt or vice versa - these grey suit combinations are a genuinely shrewd style to attempt. A couple of dark leather decoration loafers will acquaint a tasteful stylish man with an extraordinary look.

9. Grey Suit with Brown Shoes

Grey Suits With Brown Shoes

If the shoe is brown, so has the belt to be. Brown shoes, whether they are Oxfords, Chelsea, Brogue, Two Tone, Loafers or even the Sneakers, look stellar with grey suit combinations! All you need to ensure is that your suit has to gel with the shoes and that a simple full length mirror can guide you easily. 

10. Tweed Grey Suit with Tweed Waistcoats

Tweed Grey Suits with Tweed Vests

This semi-formal look is among the most stunning grey suit combinations that works for casual occasions like office lunches, dates, or weekends at work, where a sudden meeting can erupt. Keep the shirt in light shades so as to bring out the best of the tweed.

11. Grey Suit with Colorful Pocket Square

Grey Suit with Pocket Square

The whole trick is to match the pocket square with the color of the tie or if you aren't wearing a tie, then match it with the shirt color/shade. This applies to both light grey suit combinations and dark grey suit combinations.

If you are picking grey suit combinations for wedding attire, then go an extra mile to experiment with subtle floral pocket squares matching the shade of the neck-tie or the shirt. Go for silk or rayon fabric in this case. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Grey Suits

1. Can we wear a gray suit suitable for a wedding?

Yes you can, pick light gray suit combinations with bright colors like white, pale yellow, pink, wine burgundy, dream green or more. Add a matching pocket square or tie or both and your basic look is done! 

2. Is a gray suit professional?

Yes, deeper shades of gray like charcoal gray suit combinations are professional attires.

3. What color shoes goes well with a gray suit?

Try pairs in monotone closer either to the shirt or T shirt color. It works the best. Avoid multiple color shoes.


Final Thoughts

Whatever combination you wear, don't forget to complete the look with the right kind of shoes and accessories, where a dashing smile and self-confidence rank as the top ones!