Loafer Off-White Multicolour Plaid Chambray Textured Premium Cotton Shirt

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Chambray Shirts add a unique appeal to the wearer. It is one of the most long-lasting shirt fabrics available in the market. This shirt has a smart button-down collar and is beautifully made into a regular fit. To get an outstanding appearance, pair it with chinos or jeans.

Fused collar and cuffs, collar stand and flat felled side seams provide structure and stability to all our shirts.

  • 100 % Premium Giza Cotton: Long staple, smother, resistant to pilling, greater resistance to abrasion and stretching, brighter and more precisely defined with a soft and silky texture and considerable resistance over time.
  • Limited quantity, Seasonal collection. We change our fashion very frequently. Grab it before it disappears
  • Chambray weave; This type of fabric is both fine and dense, and it is similar to denim in many ways. However, a different weaving pattern is used to make chambray, and as a result, this type of fabric is significantly lighter and more breathable than denim.
  • Medium weight fabric. Made for all climates.

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We gladly accept returns as it is a fantastic opportunity for us to show you our honesty and transparency. We will also get your feedback to improve our products and services. We encourage you to return because your satisfaction and comfort is our utmost priority. We don’t want our customers to get even slightly dissatisfied, hence we advise you to go ahead and ask for refund/exchange.

Help us to know your needs better so that we can provide you with our best of products and services.

Returning with French crown is as easy as ordering. You can place return request online in “My Account” section or you can email us at contact@frenchcrown.com or call / WhatsApp us at 9723325522 and help us know your concern.

We will schedule a time with you and instruct our shipping partner to pick up the original French Crown garment. Also note that we do not provide reverse pick-up service for order value less than Rs1000. In such cases we request you to please self-ship the product to us. You can self-ship the product using any courier service of your choice. Please share the courier receipt at contact@frenchcrown.com with your order number. 

Make sure the garment is unused and in good state. You are required to return the main product ONLY.


Once we receive return shipment, 100% refund will be initiated within 24 hours.

1) If you have done online payment, your refund will be credited into your bank account within 5 to 7 days.

2) If you have done cash on delivery, you need to provide us your bank account no., bank name and IFSC code. We will refund your amount via NEFT or IMPS within 2 to 5 days.

3) You can also ask for refund in term of ‘French Crown Cashback’, which you can use in future to buy other French Crown products.

4) Refund is possible only after parcel is dispatched, delivered and reverse pick is done. 


Once return shipment is picked up from your premises, we will dispatch your exchange shipment from our warehouse.

Exchange your standard size garment with custom size garment: If our standard sizes don’t fit you and you want custom fit garment in exchange, then put your best fit garment with your French Crown garment in your return shipment and our courier boy will pick it up from your premises. We will construct your garment from the scratch according to your measurement and deliver it to you within 10 to 15 days. We will save your measurements for your future orders also.

In one order Refund/Exchange is possible for one time Only.


We want to provide every customer a wonderful experience. However, it is not very sustainable for us to offer returns and exchanges for a custom garment as it is already manufactured according to your specifications and can’t be sold to anyone else. We will gladly replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you discover a manufacturing defect with a product you bought from our store, please send us an email at contact@frenchcrown.com from the email you placed the order with. We also provide a free alteration within 15 days, starting from the day you received your order.

- Placing "cash on delivery" order for fun and and refusing it at the time of delivery is a punishable cybercrime. Please place "cash on delivery" order only if you want to accept the parcel.

- We provide "cash on delivery" service in India only for customers' convenience, in all other countries, we accept only online payments. Please do not misuse this service.

- Open delivery is not available. Each parcel is Seal packed and they are having insurance to Protect it from Fraud. Under this insurance policy, no one can open it before paying the full order amount. Though we have 60 days "No Question Asked" Return policy, under which if you don't like the product then you can ask for refund or exchange. Customer care number: 9723325522 (Mon to Sat, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

- Card payment is not available in "cash on delivery" payment method. If you want to use card then pay online using 0ur online payment options.

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